My observations from the Rams Packers game

First and foremost I care less about how the team does and more about individual players performances. But on a whole our players need to learn to tackle. I am not too worried about the lack of D-line pressure or Rodgers carving up our defense because it is preseason. Our D-line is playing to get the rust off and Rodgers is the best QB in the league, if he did not carve up our vanilla defense then the Packers would have reason to worry.

Ok now to individual players performances

Isaiah Pead- Bad stat line, good performance. He did a hell of a lot less dancing and just picked a spot and ran hard. He needs better vision though but overall I am glad he did less dancing. Blitz pickup was very good this week.

Sam Bradford- Played well but the miss to Tavon hurts. Hopefully with more practicing that issue will be ironed out. The botched snap I am not worried about. It was a fluke play. Bradford played poised and was accurate. The deep ball to Givens was a thing of beauty.

Tavon Austin- He took advice from Pead as he is dancing way to much. He is very quick but he played like a rookie. I am not worried as I think he will be fine in the regular season.

Matt Conrath- When he plays low he is a beast. Unfortunately he plays too high most of the time and gets taken out of a lot of plays. He has a ton of potential but he needs to play lower more consistently.

Trumaine Johnson- Bad game. He did not tackle or cover well. That is his only job and he did poorly.

Alec Ogletree- Played slow once again. He is a rookie and I think he is still adjusting but he needs to play faster if he wants to succeed this year.

Ray Ray Armstrong- Much better game than last week. He played fast, he played strong, and in general he looked like he knew what his assignments were. He did let up a touchdown but for the most part Armstrong had a good game.

Barrett Jones- He is rusty. He was getting beat most of the time by third stringers. He needs to shake off the rust if he wants to win the backup center job.

Tim Barnes- Did not play great but did play better than Jones. His spot at backup center is safe for now.

Chris Williams- Played bad. Got beat a lot and let up a lot of pressures.

Daryl Richardson- Had a nice catch and one run that got called back due to holding. He is still firmly entrenched as the starter.

Darian Stewart- This man can not tackle if his life depended on it.

Rodney Mcleod- Played very well. Made a few tackles and some decent coverage. I think we should have him start next week and see how he does.

Cody Davis- Played well. Not as good as Mcleod did but good enough to where I think he should make the roster. Blocked a kick that still went in but it was a good special teams play.

TJ McDonald- Played ok. He made a few tackles and seemed to know what he was doing in coverage.

Brandon Washington- May have as well not played as he was a turnstile out there.

Chris Givens- He is our number one receiver for a reason. Expect big things from him this year.

Jared Cook- This guy is fast. I am excited to see him play when the playbook opens up.

Kellen Clemons- Cut him

Austin Davis- Keep him. He is young and knows the system. Backup QB is a need though and his job is far from safe.

Starting O-line- Played well as a unit and did not allow too much pressure. Run blocking was average which is good enough for Richardson when he starts for us.

Gerald Rivers- Played well but he will get cut as his only pass rushing move is to run around the LT which is what Quinn does but is better. He will find a spot on someone's roster.

Overall we played flat. Once we shake off the rust and our rookies play at full speed I think we should be ok. This is preseason and we escaped without injuries. That right there is a win.

What do you guys think of my observations and what did players do you think played well/poorly?

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