Want 10 wins, especially with our schedule? Here is how we do it.

This post is inspired by Ramfan 1313's "The Rams Making The Playoffs? They're Coming Up In Sixes".

I figured that there are always some wins considered must wins, others that we can expect to lose, and still some others that are toss-up wins or defeats that would be useful to pick up the W. The ones that are bolded are must wins, the italicized are toss-ups, and the ones with the slash are expected losses.

Week 1: Cardinals- This is a must-win, because it is at home, against a divisional rival that we can beat. Winning this would start our season off on the right foot.

Week 2: @Falcons- One of the best teams in the league... they are good- especially at home. A win here would be fantastic, but really surprising.

Week 3: @Cowboys- To get into the playoffs, winning this game would really help our case-but it isn't imperative. The Cowboys are a beatable team, but the best team doesn't always win the match-up.

Week 4: 49ers- This is a really good team, but they are coming to OUR house. We did it last year, so we can do it again. Again, this isn't an imperative win, but it would be nice.

Week 5: Jaguars- This team really sucks, plus they are coming to our house. If we lost to these guys, I'd be more mad than after we lost to the Jets at home last year, and we can kiss the playoffs good-bye.

Week 6: @Texans- We'll probably end up losing this game, but I didn't cross it off because there is a chance that we win. It all depends on injuries and how their defense pans out, and if the Rams are on their A-game, but we can pretty much count this one as a loss.

Week 7: @Panthers- Our third must win game- this time, it's on the road. Sure, the Panthers linebackers are good, and their D-line is improving, but we should be able to put up points against their crappy secondary and slow down Cam Newton.

Week 8: Seahawks- See: Week 4.

Week 9: Titans- This team really isn't all that great, plus they are coming to our house. If we want to make the playoffs, we should be counting on a Week 9 W.

Week 10: @Colts- This is one I think we can win, but maybe I am underestimating Indy. Either way, we can make the playoffs if we come back from Indy with a L, but it would be nice if we won this one.

Week 11: Bye

Week 12: Bears- This is a good team, but they are worse than when we faced them last year, as well as we get them at our house instead of us going to their place. We pretty much need to win this one to make it in.

Week 13: @49ers- I think we can do what we did last year at their place- give them a run for their money. However, this is one that we do NOT need to win to make the post-season, but it would really help.

Week 14: @Cardinals- Again, this one would be really nice to win on the road, but not 100% necessary. If we lose, oh well. If we win, we have a greater chance at making the post-season.

Week 15: Saints- Their offense will be able to score on our defense, but our offense will be able to score on our defense. If I had to put money on this game, I'd go with the Saints, but this is a win-able game.

Week 16: Bucs- Again, this is a sub-par team that is beatable. Plus, this game is late in the season, so we'll probably need to win it to get into the post-season.

Week 17: @Seahawks- See Week 13, except this is worse.

So there you have it. Assuming we win all the must-wins, and lose all the expected losses, we'd be 5-2. That means that we'd have to be at least 5-4 the rest of the season. If I had to predict those 5 wins, I'd say that we'd win weeks 3, 4, 8, 10, and 14. What about you guys?

Thanks for reading.

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