Ranking Handsomest Starting QB's (1-32)

32. Robert Griffin iii


Strengths: None

Weakness: Terrible hair, teeth, mustache and smile. His cornrow mullet from today's press conference.

31. Andrew Luck


Strengths: Thickness of beard

Weakness: Terrible hair. Best served staying clean shaven.

30. Ben Roethlisberger


Strengths: Nice teeth

Weakness: Unkempt goatee(not shown)

29. Andy Dalton


Strengths: Shock of red hair

Weakness: Eyebrows arch too much

28. Peyton Manning


Strength: Majestic forhead

Weakness: ruined by the Hershey Kiss tan on it

27. Matt Schaub


Strength: symmetrical until you get to the hairline

Weakness: Ears aren't aligned quite right, receding hairline, lazy eyes, eyebrows seem like they're thinning

26. Kevin Kolb


Strength: That Ron Swanson mustache

Weakness: goatee

25. Eli Manning


Strength: Irrational confidence.

Weakness: Just goofy

24. Sam Bradford


Strength: Rich, dark mocha brown hair

Weakness: Teeth seem to slant inwards as though their were a tiny blackhole in the middle of this mouth

drawing them in. Pretty sure his eyes are different shapes.

23. Matt Flynn


Strength: Nicely shaped nose. In perfect proportion to his face

Weakness: weak jawline

22. Drew Brees


Strength: Stunning blue eyes, smile

Weakness: Birthmark even though it's pretty bad ass.

21. Colin Kaeperick


Strength: Hairline precisely cut at a 90 degree angle

Weakness: Eyes, nose and mouth grouped a little too tightly. Goatee.

20. Jake Locker


Strength: pronounced chin

Weakness: bad haircut

19. Joe Flacco


Strength: Ever so slightly there dimples

Weakness: his eyebrows need a trim

18. Michael Vick


Strength: Goatee perfectly matches his face

Weakness: Ears a too small and resemble tortellini

18. Carson Palmer


Strength: Nice big eyes

Weakness: Hair looks a little thin. Wouldn't surprise me if he went bald. Disappointing showing overall.

17. Josh Freeman


Strength: Very soft, caring eyes

Weakness: Justin Guarini hair

16. Ryan Tannehill


Strength: Blue eyes

Weakness: $13 haircut

15. Phillip Rivers


Strength: Expressive almost mischivous eyes

Weakness: thin lips

13. Brandon Weeden


Strength: My dark horse. Didn't expect him to rank this high but has surprisingly good hair and his round eyes compliment his ever so slightly pudgy face

Weakness: no lips

12. Christian Ponder


Strength: Luxurious hair

Weakness: smile lacks confidence

11. Aaron Rodgers


Strength: Blue eyes. Very versatile. Can pull off a variety of facial hair looks and hairstyles

Weakness: not the best groomer(see picture). ...49ers

10. Matthew Stafford


Strength: Very soft, child-like features

Weakness: nonexistent jaw line

9. Jay Cutler


Strength: Slightly controversial pick this high up but his head of hair justifies the choice.

Weakness: Grows a patchy beard

8. Mark Sanchez


Strength: Great "light up the room" kind of smile

Weakness: curly hair really limits what he can do with it

7. Cam Newton


Strength: Stupendous cheek bones, captivating smile

Weakness: don't know what it is but he looks like a brat

6. Blaine Gabbert


Strength: Dat hair. So majestic. Gives Tom's hair a run for its money.

Weakness: Very hard for anyone to pull off blonde facial hair

5. Matt Ryan


Strength: Low maintenance hairstyle. Boyish good looks

Weakness: Nothing really wows you about him

4. Russell Wilson


Strength: Dimples, jaw line, smile, hair. Above average across the board. Looks like he can be from about 70% of the countries in the world.

Weakness: Nitpicking here, but hairline isn't straight

3. Alex Smith


Strength: Just enough beard, striking blue eyes

Weakness: no wow factor

2. Tony Romo


Strength: Great teeth, youthful exuberance, gentle non-threatening eyes, mole

Weakness: Lack of dimple on right cheek

1. Tom Brady


Strength: Best hair in the league, great smile, chin dimple, facial hair, beautiful eyes, strong jaw line, nice white teeth, versatile. Swiss army knife of handsomeness

Weakness: Nothing

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