Random Ramsdom 7/8: Measuring Up to the Division and Looking Ahead

Dilip Vishwanat

It's been a long time since the St. Louis Rams where highly regarded in the NFC West. How will they stack up in 2013?

So far it's been yet another long year for Rams fans.

St. Louis has yet to play a football game in 2013 and has not won a contest in nearly eight months.

The offseason continues to drag on until training camp - and, obviously, football - but the hype keeps rolling in. Find out the latest in Rams randomness...

How do Rams stack up with NFC West rivals? - From top to bottom, the NFC West has near unanimously been anointed the No. 1 division in football. Although the 49ers and Seahawks are widely regarded as the favorites to duke it out for a guaranteed playoff spot, the Rams will not be far behind. James Brady of SB Nation examines where St. Louis matches up with the competition.

A 'Niners perspective on the Rams - Wes Hanson of Niners Nation takes an in-depth look at the Rams heading into next season. Boasting an undefeated record with his new team, Jeff Fisher has to like what he sees going forward.

Cooking up high expectations - Tight end Jared Cook received a mighty hefty paycheck this offseason with the hopes that he would become a viable threat in the Rams' offense. Will he become Sam Bradford's newest safety blanket across the middle?

Pead looking to prove himself - Through all outlets of sports media, running back Isaiah Pead has received much interest this summer. After profoundly disappointing during his rookie campaign, any positive production would mean improvement. Will Pead rise to the occasion after Steven Jackson's departure or will he forever be typecast as a "change of pace" back?

Evan Silva's Top-150 fantasy stars - It's never - never - too early to start hammering out your fantasy football draft big board. Running backs have returned to dominance in fantasy land with the NFL's most prolific receivers coming in second. Shockingly, Silva doesn't deem a quarterback worthy of even a second round pick, with Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers being taken in round three.

Seattle Seahawks and the Cover-3 - Know thy enemy, Rams fans. Danny Kelly of FieldGulls.com has kindly outlined and analyzed the ins-and-outs of Seattle's base defensive scheme. Find out what makes this secondary the "Legion of Boom."

Golden Tate wants to stay a Seahawk - Seattle has quietly put together one of the league's most formidable receiving corps and fourth-year wideout Golden Tate is one of several reasons why. Now entering the final year of his rookie contract, Tate is already lobbying to secure his place in a Seahawks uniform.

Check out Warren Sapp's and Willie McGinest's takes on the team's progress moving forward.

2013 MLB All-Star rosters:

American League

National League

And everything else you'll need to know.

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