Turf Show Times: Ramdude's RAMblins 7/28/13

This is hard work, y'all. Don't judge them!
Well guys, we're making progress. Training camp has started, and we've already had some bodacious Smack Cam pie fights. Can a Super Bowl berth be far behind?!? It'll be in my neck of the woods, so I can watch us win on TV from a shorter distance this time. Yay!

(If these guys get a hold of a whoopee cushion, there's gonna be trubba.)

2012 Revisited

Please affix your drool buckets -
you're about to drool for some footbaugh
I found a video recently that I don't think anybody has included in a post yet (could be wrong). It shows highlights from last season. Nearly a quarter of the video is devoted to the Detroit game. We looked pretty hot on O and D for a young team in its first game with a new coaching staff! How the hell did we manage to pull off that loss???

While we're on the topic of training camp and new beginnings, these little bald guys have something they want to say over and over again.

Rok Watkins showed up to camp with a whole pork chop stuck in his teeth - again!


Beer Me, NOW!

Almost 'tis the season where beer becomes the most important food group. We used to use it to drown our sorrows. Now, maybe we can use it to help celebrate a team climbing out of the basement and into the penthouse. In the spirit of all things beer, I was looking for a cool brewhaus tour video. I found this one of Conan trying his best to score a free Guinness. He's really workin it, but their defense is strong!

Conan visits the Guinness Brewery in Ireland

For you folks in the Lou, Budw Anhe InBev gives Brewery Tours at the 12th & Lynch Street St Louis Brewery 7 days a week. Hours are longer during June - August.

There's a complimentary tour with the always popular "tastings", plus a 45-minute Beer School and a Beermaster Tour for more in-depth study. The latter two have an admission charge. The school is first come, first served, while the Beermaster Tour requires advance reservations. But fortunately for you, all end up in the gift shop. YES! I have never done any of these, but they sound like a fun afternoon before the serious football starts up! There's also a Bud Brewery in Fairfield, CA but it's closer to SF than LA.

Odds and Ends

I was on the other day and happened across this interesting lavatory image. I knew which TSTer's it was immediately.
Knoxfan's "Ladies Room"

I also saw this on imgur and recreated it exactly as it was presented for your review and comment:

Reactions to Magic

White People Reaction

Black People Reaction

Well, they nailed the white people. I can only pitty-pat golf clap myself. And I most certainly enjoy some good prestidigitation from time to time.


So have a great week Rams fans - and keep smilin. Kick off is almost here!

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