Training Camp Preview

I can’t take credit for this, but it’s interesting enough that I felt the need to post it. This comes from an article by Nathan Kearns over at " Ramblin’ Fan" so the credit goes to him.

First of all here is the link to a 12 page .pdf file filled with all kinds of goodies about the upcoming training camp. It’s well worth taking a look at, especially who’s penciled in as starters!

Training Camp Brochure:

Three Takeaways From The St. Louis Rams Training Camp Roster: By Nathan Kearns

"The Two-Tight End Set

The first thing that might pop out on the offensive side of the "starters" list is the fact that both Jared Cook and Lance Kendricks are listed, with nofullback. Kendricks was thrust into the role of fullback last season, after Brit Miller was released shortly after his mishap against the Miami Dolphins. Both he and Cook might play that role in spurts this season, with Jeff Fisher explicitly mentioning that Jared Cook would used "all over the field," including lining up in the backfield. Regardless of the fullback situation, it appears as though the St. Louis Rams are finally moving towards the two-tight end sets that had been projected since Lance Kendrick and Michael Hoomanawanui were paired up on the 2010 roster. The St. Louis Rams will undoubtedly play around with numerous formations offensively, but it does appear that Kendricks and Cook will not be swapping snaps, but, rather, tag-teaming as a double matchup nightmare.

"Surprise" Starters on the Offense and Defense

While the makeup of the roster might not immediately jump off the page, there certainly are some names that will, on both the offensive and defensive sides of the football. The most surprising might be Rodney McLeod, marked as the projected starting free safety, appearing ahead of the recently-drafted T.J. McDonald on the depth chart. Most expect that McDonald and the veteran Darian Stewart will be the starting duo in the deep secondary, but it is not necessarily a shock that the rookie would not be listed at this point in the offseason. Of all the returning safeties, McLeod is the only one with in-game experience at safety in the Rams’ defense. The 2012 undrafted free agent played only a handful of snaps in the secondary, but with the departure of Craig Dahl and release of Quintin Mikell, he gets the "most experience" label by default. In this particular case, McDonald will likely surpass McLeod on the depth chart by mid-preseason. However, for now, the 2013 3rd-rounder will have to wait to see his name on the "starters" card.

On the offensive side of the football, there are no real surprises on the roster. After signing a relatively large contract and watching Rok Watkins get handed a one-game suspension, the stars magically aligned for Chris Williams to get a shot at the starting left guard spot. Unless there is an injury or some massive failure to perform in the preseason, Williams will likely maintain that spot into the opener. Austin Pettis is the other name on the starters list that might pop out, especially with Tavon Austin penciled in the "Key Contributors" section. Austin will likely remain listed as a "non-starter" by virtue of the position he will play in the offense, the slot receiver. However, it will be a massive surprise if Austin Pettis maintais his place in the starting lineup, especially with players like Brian Quick and Stedman Bailey completing for that same spot. With Pettis, it might be a repeat of the Rodney McLeod situation, merely listed as the start because of experience in the system. However, Brian Schottenheimer mentioned during the OTAs that Pettis was the star of camp, swooning over his improvement this offseason. Could Pettis be hitting his third-year stride? Only time will tell…"

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Thanks to Ramblin Fan and Nathan for this great piece of information!

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