Random ramsdom, 7/17: Camp around the corner


Rams training camp will begin in less than a week. Camp battles will be underway shorty. Who will be this years surprise Rams players?

Every year through training camp and the preseason, a few players standout and carve a role for themselves on the team. Last year a few of the standouts included; Daryl Richardson, Mike McNeil, Jo-Lonn Dunbar, and Janoris Jenkins. McNeil was the only one who didn't significantly contribute later in the season. Training camp is a time for the unheralded or unproven players to stand above the rest. It's when draft status and veteran tenure mean the least. It's every players chance to make a roster, become a starter, or continue their career. Who will standout in this years preseason?

Rams only ranked 24th in power rankings (for fantasy football)

I think that is a fair evaluation for the Rams fantasy roster. There are a lot of unproven elements that would be considered high-risk. Also, it is very hard to predict who will be the "go to guy" on offense. It's possible all the Rams top weapons could share the load. Again, it's just so hard to predict that you simply have to accept that the Rams have a volatile fantasy roster for now.

Are the Rams a victim of circumstance

Will the Rams not get their due credit this year because of the Seahawks and 49ers? I think it is a fair question. The only way for the Rams to get their due credit this year is by having a better record than their west coast counterparts. The Rams had a 2-1-1 record against both teams last year, but did not receive much credit for their efforts because they still finished the season with a losing record.

Rams ranked 17th in real PFT power rankings

This is probably another pretty fair evaluation of the Rams. The Rams have so much potential this year. The question is really at what point the players are able to maximize their talent. If Jeff Fisher can get the team to be early achievers, 2014 could be a big year.

Rams to use Google Glass on practice field

One thing that fans should be encourage about is the Rams front offices progressiveness as it relates to innovative practices and technology. The Rams organization is on the forefront of many practices that are considered forward thinking. While this can't be always be considered a virtue, I do believe that it will only aid the speedy recovery of a once damaged franchise.

Free advice for NFL rookies

I can tell you my personal advice for all NFL rookies, don't shoot anyone!

Biggest training camp storylines across the NFL

There are probably a few better than these, but it's worth checking the temperature of some of the other major battles around the NFL.

Top 15 fantasy football rookies

Tavon Austin is #2. Should he be #1?

Stay classy Rams fans.

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