90 in 45: Brett Baer & Joseph LeBeau

Happy Thursday Rams fans. Day 3 of my 90 in 45 series. Keeping the rookie (and generally least known) theme going today with these guys.

Lets get started.

85. Brett Baer - K - Louisiana Lafayette - Rookie



To put it bluntly, the only way Baer sticks to the Rams roster come September is by kicking more accurately this summer than the beloved Greg the Leg/ Young GZ/ Leagtron etc.

He surely cant out-kick him distance wise - being unsure there's anyone on the planet that can outkick Greg Zeurlein.

That being said, what does Baer bring to Rams park? (Other than the certain daily quota of mildly-clever puns in lieu of his last name.)

Well he is definitely talented. One of the most prolific place kickers in NCAA history, Baer hit on 42 of 47 attempted field goals. That's batting .894 for you sabermetricians out there and technically the best field goal percentage of all time - min 45 attempts. He also went 49-51 on extra points... which... yawn.

If nothing else, Baer is here to keep Zeurlein in "lein".... and provide training camp competition.

84. Joseph LeBeau - OLB - Jackson St. - Rookie



Who plays safety in college, works out as a corner, then gets a shot in the NFL at outside linebacker? This guy.

Much like Ray-Ray Armstrong is doing this summber, Joseph LeBeau is a converted safety making the switch to LB in the NFL. Why? He doesn't exactly have blazing speed for a D-back with a 4.5 second 40 time yet he put up 26 reps on the bench press which makes him twice as strong as most corners. Put him at linebacker and all of a sudden he has excellent speed, above average strength, and a perfect build at 6'1 215.

Smart move on Fisher's part. Safety experience with a new linebacker mentality.

LeBeau could be a diamond in the rough. In watching film, I see a guy who's raw yet has football instincts better than most. Quick reactions will help him in a division like the NFC West. He does lack a killer mentality that is normally found in Fisher's players but sound fundamentals may be able to cover that up a bit.

A depth player is where I see LeBeau at his best while providing valuable special teams play.

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