Tavon? Is That You?



As you're about to bare witness to, I Do Not Do A Lot Of Writing. However, I feel this is thought worth sharing with my fellow TSTers....

Alright, its late June and I 'm still trying to come to terms with my addiction to Rams football. This offseason has been a particularly exciting time to be a Rams fan with all of our recent acquisitions... Alec Ogletree, Jared Cook, Jake Long, and Stedman Bailey, along with the growth of Brian Quick (Please check out my fanpost link concerning him), Chris Givens, Michael Brockers, and Isaiah Pead, I think any football fan would understand why we as Rams fans are so amped for the season to start.

This offseason I've spent countless hours on youtube trying to figure out how our young players will grow into their roles and what the future may hold for our rookies. At this point in the offseason we've all seen the highlights a thousand times.... So, to help get my Rams fix I've been scouring in the internetzzz for comparisons in relation to our rookies and current NFL players.

So of course the guy who fascinates me most is our number one pick, Tavon Austin... I've look through many a highlight video of Percy Harvin and I do see some similarities in their play, but to me, Percy Harvin's size and strength separate the two players significantly. It seems like people take for granted how strong Percy Harvin actually is. I've seen him put many defenders on their back side with his power. He usually falls over the defender in doing so, but that is a characteristic Tavon Austin does not possess.... It his power and running style (he leans forward when he runs) that allows him to consistently run through would be tacklers if he is not wrapped up properly... Tavon, by nature of slight frame, avoids this contact. This isnt necessarily a bad thing, It's just his style, and he is more than capable of making defenders miss or look downright silly while trying to tackle him... Because of this distinction, I've spent countless more hours pondering a more adequate comparison.... Recently, Ive began to explore former Ram and current Bengals WR Andrew Hawkins. Hawkins is listed on at 5'7 180 lbs on his espn stats page... I couldnt find an official combine 40 time but when i googled it, his 40 time came back at -------drum roll, please---- 4.34 seconds. The exact same time Tavon Austin ran at the NFL Combine back in February.... His stats aren't really that impressive, espn's stats read as follows:

2012 Regular Season 51 80 533 10.5 59 4 24 6 30 5.0 11 0 1 0

He's 27 years old and has a lot of wiggle in his game.... Tavon, being a former RB, has better vision imo, and plays a little more under control. Cant really speak with any certainty about his hand, I do know Tavon's are immaculate... Also, Tavon has a knack for setting defenders and blockers up, which is something that I didnt see a lot of in the highlight video of Hawkins I'm about to show you guys.... So in short, I think he's a poor mans Tavon Austin, but all this is just my Rams Bias speaking on behalf of me, in actuality, we've never seen Tavon play in a snap in the NFL....

As promised, check out this highlight video of Tavon's look alike.....

So, my question to you guys is: does Tavon Austin surpass Andrew Hawkins 51 receptions for 533 yds in his rookie campaign?

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