Hernandez is gone: Tom Brady gets to walk in Bradford's shoes.

Early this morning Aaron Hernandez was arrested in his Massachusetts home and taken to jail. There will be no bail for him so this looks to be serious. The Patriots cut him right away. I was saddened at this man throwing his life away. But then my mind went to the football impact this would have on the Patriots and it hit me. I couldn't name any receiver on the Patriot's roster besides Danny Amendola. Gronk is out having surgery. Brandon Lloyd is gone as well. Who is Brady throwing too?

Whoa! This must've been what it was like for non-ram's fans for the last few years.

No seriously, Tom Brady has no one to throw to now besides a oft-injured Amendola.

Welcome to Sam Bradford's world Tom. While you are not completely there because you have a decent offensive line, your choice of receivers may actually be worse than Bradford's past teams. Lets put the two together.

TE Jake Ballard vs. TE Lance Kendrick.

I never got to see to much film on Jake but what I did see it was easy to tell that Kendrick is a much better athlete.

Julian Edelman vs. WR Brandon Gibson.

Julian has been mediocre for the Patriots while Gibson has actually managed to have a few above average games in his record. He also had some game winning plays in which he actually played up to his potential.

The other TE options for the Patriots are old friends Daniel Fells and Michael U-Oh. This is too coincidental. Tom Brady could be throwing to three former Rams come week one. He is literally stepping into Sam's position when it comes to options. The patriots only other options are former Bills WR Donald Jones and former Atlanta WR Michael Jenkins. They also have two rookie receivers on the roster.

So forget the past, who has the better receiving group right now today? Lets take a look.

Aaron Dobson vs. Tavon Austin

Aaron is taller than Tavon........ and that's about it. While Aaron can develop into a quality starter and has all the tools to be decent, he is no lightning in a bottle like Tavon Austin. Winner: Tavon.

Josh Boyce vs. Stedman Bailey

Both Josh and Stedman are 5'11. Both were starters at TCU and West Virginia respectfully. But I have to give the edge to Stedman for his vast, VAST, production as a mountaineer. 25 touchdowns in one season is unheard of. Winner: Stedman Bailey.

Michael Jenkins vs. Chris Givens.

Michael Jenkins has been around for a few years and is a tested veteran. This makes him more reliable on paper, but also we know what to expect out of him, and the expectations are not world high. Chris Givens exploded onto the Ram's scene and has a high ceiling on which to soar in his second year. It is very likely that Givens will lead all Ram's and patriot receivers for that matter, in receiving yards next season.

As for Daniel Fells and Michael Uh-oh, Lance Kendrick is head and stomach over Fells as a blocker and athlete who can slide to play fullback, he is the Ram's swiss army knife. Jared Cook is a freak and is less fragile than Illini Mike. Jared Cook can take advantages of mismatches and speed, he will be the Ram's Gronk-like weapon. Both ram's tight ends should have more receiving yards and touchdowns than the Patriot's tight ends.

Winner: RAMS

Bradford, you better be one happy man. You have better receivers than Tom Brady, now please put up better stats and more wins so we can truly enjoy the moment.

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