Turf Show Times Week In Review

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Since everyone can't read every article on the site because of their busy life, why not catch up with TST?

There's always a chance that you missed an interesting article, so for those people who have lives I decided to place the most interesting articles from the site in here. Hopefully you find something you missed.

Brandon Bate's decided to inform us of questions that the Rams will ponder throughout the season. Out of the five questions the Can Austin win the the Offensive Rookie of the Year award was pretty funny. Why? Because we all know that Austin will be the MVP next season.

While we wait for training camp, Bate's was ahead of the curve and decided to not only skip training camp, but the pre-season as well and get right on to the regular season. It's a nice read, but when aren't predictions interesting?

Honestly, I've never been one to boost, but I decided to throw some articles out there for you guys too. One of the articles discussed the safety position and how we don't even know who the starters will be. Also there's an Austin Pettis article where I discussed what his role will be with the team.

I couldn't forget to put the boss Ryan V.B on here, like always he made some good (as usual) articles this week. He made everyone see reason, with his article on Brian Quick and why him being 4th on the depth chart doesn't matter. Then Ryan also helped us understand that Jason Smith suffered for the Rams past sins.

That's all for this weeks........ Wait I forgot about the fanpost. Honestly, you guys do a great job, so here's your shoutout.

OakCityRam produced two defensive themed articles. The first one is Defense 101 and the other is defensive line techniques.

Remember when Brandon Bate had those 5 questions? Misone decided to provide his answers. It's interesting to have someone else answer the questions that Bate's asked because he's a closet Redskins fan... Just kidding DC!

Here's one of my favorite songs. ***Explicit language in the song also***

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