Random Ramsdom, June 14, 2013: Tweets, Cleats, and Treats

Better watch out for that one trick pony! - US PRESSWIRE

Continuing the countdown to the start of the 2013 NFL season, we have a mere 83 days to go. As the action around the NFL picks up, those days will fly by. So gear-up, get your fantasy football draft boards ready, and continue to visit Turf Show Times for the latest o' NFL. Before you know it the glorious sound of a foot kicking a ball will be ringing throughout the Edward Jones Dome.



If you aren't tracking the schedule of activities to come, here is a handy calendar to bookmark. It takes you all the way out to May 19-21 of 2014 when the league will hold it's spring meetings following the draft. Lot's of football stuff throughout the year and beyond! Kind of keeps you sane don't it?

Sick'em Chris

Our beloved defensive end gets into the fight Craig Dahl and Cortland Finnegan started earlier in the week. Chris doesn't exactly mince words here and in subsequent tweets.

Attention!: Do not get on Chris Long's bad side. Not surprisingly, 49er's fans took to bashing Long on twitter. Keyboard warriors aside, that chip on Chris Long's shoulder is going to be a little heavier this year, and he is sure to use it as motivation, especially against San Francisco.

Celebrity Softball Game a Hit

Jeff Fisher's white team pulled out the win versus the blue team led by offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. Shenanigans abounded, including a late 8th inning rally by the blue team that was crushed by a white team walk-off home run by wide receiver Austin Pettis. Oh, and St. Louis Cardinals legend Ozzie Smith gave Pettis props at short-stop.

Around the League:

Speaking of the 49ers

Looks like Austin Collie isn't giving up. He took part in a workout for the team who lost Michael Crabtree for the season. Cortland Finnegan on Austin Collie? Bet.

Keeping Up With the Krafts

What's new in Kraft country? Besides Baby Jesus getting signed by the Patriots, quarterback Tom Brady talks about former St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola in terms of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. If Danny can remain healthy and Brady can stay upright, the Patriots could get back to scary good in a hurry.

Categorize This Under Also-Rans

The Arizona Cardinals do not shy away from retread NFL players lately. Not only do they have Carson Palmer as their quarterback, but their number one running back up to this point is Rashard Mendenhall, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now I'm not saying Mendenhall is washed up, but he wasn't retained by a team that lives and dies by the running game, which should speak volumes.


Click, Read, LOL

They've written enough for your perusal. Enjoy.

Rings! Beautiful Rings!

Why couldn't our civilization have evolved before the Moon formed? Oh yeah, we would have gone extinct due to volatile gases and the Sun being hidden for like 2,000 years. But those rings would have looked great on Instagram.

Back by Popular Demand:

Weekly RATM:

Have a Great Weekend Rams Nation!
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