Random Ramsdom 6/10: Unsigned Rookies Edition


Jeff Fisher quickly brushes aside questions about his team's yet-to-be-signed draft picks.

It has been more than a month since the end of the 2013 NFL Draft and, in that time, the Rams have made dozens of rookie signings.

None of them, however, include the seven players whom the team actually drafted.

This has been a cause of confusion and frustration in the minds of many fans, but is truly not a problem at all. It comes with the territory of being drafted by the Fisher-era St. Louis Rams.

Rams in no hurry to sign rookies – Never fear, the rookies are indeed here. Although St. Louis remains the only team to have not signed any of their draft picks, Coach Fisher assures us that is the team’s intent. The Rams are taking the smart approach.

More reasons for waiting – Some may be making jokes about the capability of the front office, others about the Rams' tendencies to draft "knucklehead" prospects, but the real reason for the delay is in the players' best interests. These rookies are about to be handed more money than they have ever possessed and should learn how to handle said wealth properly. Think Vince Young wishes he had been given this treatment?

Watkins puts emphasis on fitness – Second-year guard Rokevious Watkins, who entered the league incredibly out of shape last season, has spent the summer trying to better his physical aptitude. After missing all but one game in 2012 and being suspended for the 2013 season opener, Watkins needs to do all that he can to get back on track.

Calming down off-season expectations – The NFC West continued to improve across the board this off-season, but ESPN’s Mike Sando isn’t adding too much sugar to the Kool-Aid quite yet.

Rookies to watch in division – Sando highlights one draft picks from each team who should make both an immediate and lasting impact. For the Rams, it’s none other than first round choice Tavon Austin.

Austin likes Harvin comparisons – Seattle Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin has been an electrifying playmaker both on offense and special teams throughout his first five years in the league. During his time at West Virginia, Tavon Austin looked to Harvin with admiration for the type of player he wished to become. Ideally, though, Austin will see the weekly injury report much less often.

Five training camp battles – The Rams are finally putting together a formidable roster, one in which uncertainties surrounding starting positions are much less frequent. Still, there are several very interesting competitions formulating this summer. Who leads the charge at running back?


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