Random Ramsdom: St. Louis Rams News & Happy Birthday Jake Long!

Scott Heavey

It’s only 17 more Thursdays until the 2013 NFL Season officially kicks off. Check out the news you wouldn’t have seen if you’d been arrested twice in the past 15 hours…


* Rams' rookie linebacker - Alec Ogletree - doesn’t get into the mumbo jumbo of how he’s going to make a play. But he will tell you where he’s going to meet the opposition.

* The Rams traded up [with two 6th round picks] into the 5h round to draft RB Zac Stacy. They also have last year’s 2nd, 6th (Jets), and 7th round selections, Isaiah Pead, Terrance Ganaway, and Daryl Richardson. Yet this Free Agent is a fit for the Rams…

* The 49ers are a very good football team. They’ve got the running back to match. You can put all the players in the box you want, because Frank Gore just doesn’t care.

* This RotoWorld article was written in terms of fantasy football, but when using the word "impact" in regards to a rookie’s performance, you might as well be prognosticating their upcoming season’s stats. There are two Rams on this list. Should there be more?

* Sports Illustrated's Peter King provides us with some excellent dialogue from the Rams' War Room from Day 1 of this most recent NFL Draft. You want to know what was really going on that night?

* The Rams own two of the finest sets of legs in the NFL. Kicker Greg "The Leg" Zuerlein, and Punter Johnny Hekker proved more than capable in their rookie season’s. Tavon Austin could seriously upgrade the return game, but he’s not the only rookie who can make an impact on special teams.

* "And welcome to another Sunday NFL matchup here at Juicy Jeans Stadium in St. Louis… " I was just throwing that out there. If the 49ers can have a denim stadium, why can’t the Rams?

* This is in no way related to the Rams, or the NFC West, but Ronde Barber is hanging up the cleats. After 16 years in the NFL, he’s decided it’s time to retire. A career of that length shouldn’t go without recognition…on any football site.

* Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick have become the poster boys for ‘one player can change a team’s fate.’ Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians believes it, and this is what he did about it.

* Bleacher Report takes a stab at the NFL’s offensive power rankings. I know how impatient Rams Nation can get, so here… your St. Louis Rams.

* And last - but certainly not least - I’d ask you all to wish Jake Edward Long a very happy 28th birthday. The Rams new left tackle was certainly one of the NFL’s most noted Free Agency acquisitions of the 2013 offseason. #WhileWaiting4Jake may have taken longer than you would’ve liked, but the Rams landed one of the premier Left Tackles in all of football. You can share your appreciation - and your Birthday wishes - with one of the classiest members of Rams Nation - Mrs. Long - at @jackielong_17 on Twitter.

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