Random Ramsdom: Seis de Mayo 2013


While Jo-Lonn Dunbar ponders the possibilities of having a new quality linebacker opposite of him on the field, it's time to see what else is random in St. Louis.

It's not every day that the St. Louis Rams receive praise and positive recognition. When it happens for nearly two weeks straight, you and everyone else takes notice.

Heck, the Rams are almost relevant on every major sports network!

We're still a few months from any real, tangible evidence that the offseason was indeed a successful one, but that won't stop us or anyone else from speculating the time away. For more on why the Rams are the greatest team in football, read on for some links...

Catching up to rest of division - The Rams may be on the upswing, but their position in the NFC West is far from a favorable one. San Francisco, Seattle and, yes, even Arizona continue to garner the respect and favoritism from fans and pundits alike. Know thy enemies, Ram fans.

Peter King and the Rams' war room - This piece from Sports Illustrated's NFL guru has now been out for a week. While the entire article will not appear until today's issue of the magazine, if you have not yet read the preview, you should. Peter King had the opportunity to join Jeff Fisher, Les Snead and the rest of the Rams' front office during the draft's first round. Let that jealousy you're feeling fuel you for the rest of the day.

Sando's take on King's take - Mike Sando offers his own lengthy insight of King's experience. He shares the views of the many who believe the Rams made big waves last weekend. Les Snead's "flirting" prior to the draft obviously paid off when the deal to trade up with Buffalo was essentially made days in advance.

Six keys to assessing Rams' draft - Shane Gray makes six notable observations about the Rams' draft haul, all of which are vastly advantageous. Zac Stacy brings an element to the Rams' backfield which it had recently been lacking: size. The offense as a whole has been noticeably improved, while the front-7 on defense appears to have been completed.

Bucky's NFC West draft grades - They just keep coming! Bucky Brooks of NFL.com has rolled out his draft grades for each team by division. Overall the NFC West graded very well in April's draft, but he says one team did better than the rest. Can you guess which one it is?

Alec Ogletree is fast - Although the 30th overall pick recorded a merely average 40-yard dash time of 4.70 seconds, he is one of many footballers who claim his on-field speed is better than the combine would have you believe. Olgetree describes himself as a sideline-to-sideline tackler with the wheels to make all the plays.

Spagnuolo the "tremendous" - Former Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo is no longer out of work. He will now join the Baltimore Ravens to "assist where needed," according to John Harbaugh. Perhaps this lesser-defined, authority-restricting role will help break Spags of his control-freak habits?

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