Taking a look at the Rams rookie free agent class

Butch Dill

Everyone knows about the rookies that the Rams drafted, but before minicamp starts, let's take a look at the new Rams who could make the team.

The NFL Draft has been over for awhile, but the 8th round is always on-going. Undrafted free agents are usually used to fill out the back end of the roster, find players for the practice squad, and occasionally you will find a gem that was overlooked during the NFL Draft.

The St. Louis Rams had a pretty good draft, but their rookie free agent class also looks pretty solid. There should at least be a couple of players that make the final 53 man roster. Which ones? Who knows, but thanks to Jim Thomas at, , we at least have a list of players that the Rams have added.

Here's the list of the players trying to find a spot on the final 53.

WR C.J. Akins, Angelo State - In Akin's final season at Angelo State he had 48 catches, 781, and 7 touchdowns. He kind of reminds me of a rawer Brian Quick. He has an impressive catching radius, and is a little faster than you would think. He's interesting, could be a good option for the practice squad.

WR Emory Blake, Auburn - Last season Blake finished the season with 50 receptions, 789 yards, and 3 touchdowns. Which wasn't great but, he was the most productive player on his team, bar none on offense. He doesn't have great speed (ran a 4.6 at his pro day), but he was productive, so it wouldn't be a surprise if he ended up a solid depth player, or maybe just a practice squad guy.

RB Benny Cunningham, Middle Tennessee State - Cunningham had 97 rushing attempts, 600 rushing yards, and 11 touchdowns. 9 receptions, 109 receiving yards, in his final year, a year that was cut short because of a knee injury. From what I gather he's a power back, over 5'9 and 200+ pounds. He's not Steven Jackson, but he will give competition to the other power backs on the roster.

FB Eric Stevens, California - Most likely a camp body.

TE Phillip Lutzenkirchen, Auburn - Doug wrote about him over the weekend. Honestly, he could develop into the 3rd TE. he has to work on his blocking a little more, and his catching. Granted, he didn't have much opportunity at Auburn.

OT Braden Brown, Brigham Young - He had a low draft able grade on him. He does have some upside, he could end up a depth player. Maybe occasionally start, most likely at right tackle.

OG Kenny Saia, Louisiana Tech - Couldn't find info on prospect.

DE R.J. Washington, Oklahoma - Went from being one of the most sought after high school seniors, to being on the scout team for his first two years. And I believe he became a senior starter. Most likely a camp body.

DT Garrett Goebel, Ohio State - Goebal was productive in college, but doesn't have theideal size. If he can make it to the practice squad, he can maybe develop into a rotational defensive linemen. He won't have many sacks, because he doesn't penetration enough, but he could become a run stuffer.

DT Al Lapuaho, Utah State - He had a productive season in his senior year, 35 tackles and 3 sacks. Can't find much more about him.

LB Daren Bates, Auburn - Bates is interesting. He played out of position in Auburn but was the best linebacker on the team in 2011 and 2012. His best position was at safety, where he finished on the all-SEC team. He will most likely try to play there again, or maybe play WILL. He could be a long shot, but there's potential there.

LB Gerald Rivers, Mississippi - Can't find much about him. I think he played DE for Ole Miss. Camp body.

LB Phillip Steward, Houston - Instead of getting a shorter version from me, get the real version from one of our division foes site. He looks like n interesting prospect, he could stick. I'm hearing good things about his coverage abilities and his tackling.

LB Jonathan Stewart Texas A&M - He has the size and athleticism. But he waits to attack, and isn't vary physical, not a good coverage guy. Could end up as depth, if he's coach able.

S Ray-Ray Armstrong, Miami - Was a highly ranked college prospect. He missed all of 2012 and became an afterthought. He was a big hitter, and now General Manager Les Snead has said that Armstrong will play LB. An interesting player to watch.

S Cody Davis, Texas Tech - He's really interesting to me. He has really good stats, but I want to write an article about him. I don't know much about him now, but I will.

S Cannon Smith, Memphis - He started quarterback for 2 games. At safety he didn't get an interception and played SS.

CB Robert Steeples, Memphis - Was listed at 6'2 from Memphis official website. A transfer from Missouri. No scouting report available on the guy.

CB Drew Thomas, Texas-El Paso - Camp body

CB Darren Woodard, Texas-El Paso - Camp body

K Brett Baer, Louisiana-Lafayette - A camp body

LS Jorgen Hus, Regina - Most likely a camp body.


Most likely won't make the team, but they have a chance.

QB Tim Jenkins Fort Lewis

LB Robbie Aldridge Henderson State

LB Mike Gilliard Georgia

LB Joseph LeBeau Jackson State

LB Christian Robinson Georgia

S Don Unamba Southern Arkansas

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