I am going to try to make this short sweet and to the point. The Rams are facing a problem for years to come. The player I wanted on this team more than any other player in the draft is now in our division. He is going to cause plenty of headaches for years to come. There will be lots of up set fans, heartbreaking moments, nail biters in which we barely lose, so much misery, and YES, there will be blood. The Rams now have to face a player who I believe will end his career with borderline, if not legit, HOF numbers. I have been beating the table for this guy since day one, and now we are all going to see why, far to often. The player I speak of is none other than Quinton Patton.

When you look at Patton you should think Jerry Rice or Isaac Bruce. Two players not known for their amazing physical skill set, which gets over hyped...evident by these two greats, but instead because they just simply knew how to play the game, and when DBs lined up across from them, they knew they were in for a long day. The first time I watched Patton, I thought Torry Holt, but the more I watched him the more I compared him to Andre Reed. Reed compares better to Bruce and Rice. He is a guy that never gets talked about when mentioning the greatest WRs of all time, but he is up there. In my THOUGHTS ON POSSIBLE RAMS THOUGHTS POST PT 2...I had this to say about the comparison;

The first time I watched his tape I immediately thought of Tory Holt. This wasn’t a fan of Tory Holt type of comparison. If Tory played for the chiefs his entire career I still would have said him, because that’s truly who his game reminds me of. Great route running, great hands, great yac, he just has the IT factor. So I was a fan from day one. But the more I watched the less Tory Holt I saw, and the more Andre Reed, with all due respect to Tory, but Reed is an even better comparison. Reed was a fourth round pick who went on to play 16 seasons, and retired in the top 5 of every major receiving category, and second in receptions only to Jerry Rice’s first. I think he has that type of potential.

I stand by this, and when I see things like his eagerness to get to work (CLICK HERE FOR HIS IMPRESSIVE EARLY WEEK STORY!!!), and recall him having statistically some of, if not the best hands in college last year (AGAIN CLICK FOR PROOF), thats a lot of targets to have like only one drop in the year, I have no reason not to stand by it.

So here is my problem with playing against him so often. I look at him and I can only think of the greats to compare him to. He is not small (6' 204 lbs), he is not slow (4.48-4.51), he does not drop balls, he runs UN-FRICKIN-BELIEVABLE ROUTES, he is an outstanding leader, and he works hard. That spells trouble. Because I compare him to greats, who I dare to say his work ethic and character matches up with pretty well. But heres the kicker, he has more natural God given talent than them all, excluding Tory Holt. They say hard work beats talent any day. But what happens, when you have an abundance of both? Basically what I am saying is, WE ARE IN DEEP DOO-DOO!!!! Will we never beat the niners? No not saying that at all. Is he going to be the greatest of all-time? I don't know, for I cannot read that far into the future. But is he going to be the difference in many games for years to come? Is he going to be that guy we have to stop every year twice a year? Is he going to be a BIG ASS THORN IN OUR SIDE? Well to answer all those questions in the most simple way I know how.....HELL YES!!!



~~~yea we got Tavon, and not the niners, but we have to face a more experienced and bigger version of him with the seahawks.


~~~~if you think his ability to create splash plays so often in two years of playing time was a fluke, than you might want have 1800-dont-jump on speed dial, when the game is on the line. Or a toupee on hand for when you pull your hair out.


~~~a very underrated pass rusher who is going to cause a lot of havoc with Aldon Smith garnering so much attention. Its now going to be like going of against two Aldon's.

The good news is, we are not too shabby ourselves, and all this talent in the division should give every fan from all four teams at the very least SIX games to look forward to every year. I can't wait!!!

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