UDFA Don Unamba Interviews With Max Strauss

So yeah, we have another good UDFA. That's what I do. - USA TODAY Sports

My personal friend, and friend of the site, Max Strauss over at Pro Interviews interviews UDFA defensive back Don Unamba.

It's tough making an NFL roster. The hundreds of young hopefuls that try every year to make an NFL team could tell you that. However, out of those hundreds of players, there's always a handful of players that surprise and make a team which is why rookies come and go when they enter the league.

One of the many young players that will be hoping to be among the handful of players to make the St. Louis Rams is cornerback Don Unamba from Southern Arkansas University. Unamba is an UDFA that impressed the Rams during the rookie minicamp as a tryout player. Unamba has good size (6'0, 200 pounds), ran a 4.55, and did well in his conference -- good enough for Umamba to be recognized as a DII All-American.

Unamba could stick with the Rams. There's a good chance that he can at least make the practice squad and move up due to injuries. He might not be a star in the league, but he could be a key depth defensive back for the Rams.

With all that being said here's an excerpt from his interview with Max Strauss:

Strauss : For a Rams fan who wants to know more about your style of play, how would you describe it?

Unamba : I play physical. I play fast. I play with passion. I am everywhere. I’m flying around and making plays. I’m having fun, and I might interact with the fans, you know, point at them or something, you’ll have fun when you see me play. I’m physical. I’m a ballhawk I believe. Wherever you see the ball, you’re going to find me somewhere around it.

Strauss : How much experience do you have playing special teams?

Unamba : I played everywhere on special teams. I’m a beast at blocking kicks. That was my thing. I blocked several kicks during my time at SAU. I blocked a lot of field goals and I blocked a lot of punts. Punt returning wasn’t really my thing, but I loved blocking for punt returners. I liked springing people loose; I had no problem doing that. I played everywhere. I’ve also gone down and played on kickoff, and I’ve also been a kick returner. My thing is doing whatever it takes for my team to win.

For the rest of this interview with Unamba head over to prointerviews.org, and for more of Unamba personal life check out his Twitter, @Don_TheDeal_P.

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