Where Did The Rams 2013 Draft Picks Rank On The Cowboys Draft Board?

My draft board is better than yours - Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Leave it to the Cowboys to take over the news again.

One thing that has interested me personally was a team's draft boards. I might be in the minority, but I would love to have the opportunity to have a glimpse of the St. Louis Rams draft board. Just the chance of seeing how the team ranks players and how they envision the shape and future of their roster, is enough to give chills to anyone who loves draft season.

So when SBNations' Dallas Cowboy website Blogging The Boys found a way to leak the Cowboys board, using photos from interviews Jerry Jones decided to make in front of his board. It was typical Jones. The whole board is here.

Since many of us will never take a peek at a team's draft chart, what better chance is there to compare who the Rams drafted to where an NFL team ranked them?

Players that weren't on the Cowboys board

1st rounder- Alec Ogletree - Somewhat surprisingly, Ogletree wasn't listed anywhere on the Cowboys board. The main reason would have to be because of Ogletree red flags.

3rd rounder- T.J. McDonald - McDonald doesn't have red flags so not seeing him on the list was surprising; not even listed as a 6th or 7th round choice. (Cody Davis was a 7th rounder on the board) The Cowboys most likely didn't like the way McDonald plays.

4th rounder Barrett Jones - Since the Cowboys selected Travis Frederick in the first round, it's not a surprise that they didn't have Jones on their board. Jones isn't powerful, but Frederick is, and he will be able to drive defenders back. That's a big question mark with Jones. Plus, he's still dealing with an injury.

5th rounder Zac Stacy - Honestly, he wasn't high on many boards, so it shouldn't be a surprise the Cowboys didn't place him on the board.

Players that were on their board: Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, and Brandon McGee, were all drafted in the same rounds as the Cowboys board.

What the Cowboys board tells us:

It confirms that teams draft and arrange their charts differently. The Rams don't have a problem drafting players with red flags because they have grandfather Jeff Fisher to keep them in control. But the Cowboys are "America's Team" and can't have negative press, there in the news enough as is.

Honestly, it would be great if teams showed draft boards after the draft. But in a league where opposing teams think that there's cameras in locker rooms, Spygate, Bountygate, and coaches covering their mouths while calling out plays during a game because they don't want lip readers to know their plays, there's no way it would happen.

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