Random Ramsdom: St. Louis Rams, NFL News, & One Trick Ponies

There are less than 100 days until the kickoff of the 2013 NFL season. Don’t let the heat - and your offseason impatience - get the best of you. After all, you’ve suffered through both before…

NFL.com put together a six minute highlight reel from the 2012 season: The most epic six minutes in sports. The minutes-to-Rams-sightings ratio is 2:1. It features one of the more boring Rams touchdowns, a non-Alex Smith Dunbarring, and a former Ram doing nothing but running. The video is pretty cool, but there were certainly three better options from an exciting 2012 campaign.

Sam Bradford is the league’s 8th best Quarterback under the age of 25… at least according to Gregg Rosenthal. Closer to the top of the heap is 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick, who ranks as the league’s 3rd best young gun.

CBS Sports Senior Columnist - Pete Prisco - uses his four-prong approach to ranking the NFL’s teams. Check out where his odd scoring system has the Rams ranked? Fair?

Something that has become more of a certainty than speculation is that the NFC West is fielding some of the NFL’s most ferocious defenses. Pat Kirwan highlights each NFC West team’s front seven. Even he wouldn’t be surprised if the Rams finish in the top of the league this year.

The 2011 Rams team sucked. There were a lot of players on that team that talked the talk, but never actually walked the walk… seriously some of them couldn’t walk. At any rate, ESPN’s Mike Sando highlights the Rams progress, specifically in regards to players from the 2011 squad who have since been ousted for actual NFL caliber talent.

Have a well-known name says a lot about who you are in the sports world. But when you’re known as "The other _______," it just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Steve Smith (the other one) retired on Wednesday.

Keeping composure under pressure is one thing. Actually completing a pass when being chased down by defensive lineman that mean you the utmost harm is another. ProFootballFocus’s Steve Palazollo highlights the best - and worst - of NFL QB’s when feeling the heat. Sam Bradford’s name is in there. How do you think he faired?

Even after the move to Atlanta, former Rams’ RB Steven Jackson can’t shake the "not the player he was once" description. He - along with Osi Umenyiora - think they’ve got what it takes to get over the playoff hurdle that often brings the Falcons to a halt.

And in case you missed it, Chris Long doesn’t like being called a one trick pony. He does, however, appreciate you sharing the absurdity of it. I obliged. Did you know he was also on hand for Tuesday night’s NBA festivities?

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