Random Ramsdom for Friday, May 3 2013: Who is Emory Blake, and How Do the Ram UDFA's grade out?

Kevin C. Cox

The weekend is almost upon us. Before you know it you'll be knee deep in leisure, buried in writing papers, or hitting the time clock, depending on your current situation. Before any of that though, how about you pull up a chair and get the latest and greatest from the daily Random Ramsdom?

Welcome to Friday Rams Nation! This article goes out to tiny laptop users the world over. Yesterday I laid to rest my companion of the last three years, a cheap Toshiba Satellite. I am reduced to working on my daughter's Acer Chromebook, which, for what is has in speed it lacks in space. I liken typing on this thing to a 6'5" tall man driving a Fiat 500. It's just wrong. Thankfully my new computer is in the mail. Hopefully by the time it gets here I'll be able to recover from the painful hand cramps. Moving on......


TurfShowTime's favorite website, Bleacher Report, gives a try at grading some of the St. Louis Ram's undrafted free agent class. The grades seem appropriate, however the analysis could use more depth. Anyone else excited about Ray-Ray Armstrong?

I like a feel good story just as much as anyone else; especially when it involves the St. Louis Rams. Perhaps a future Ram was in attendance?

Nathan Kearns over at Ramblin' Fan lays out his predictions for the 2013 Ram defensive Pro Bowl picks. Given the complete lack of Pro Bowl players from the Ram's roster last season, it sure would be refreshing to see some of our guys wearing NFC jerseys. Unless of course they make it to the show instead!

Mr. Malzahn, you had me at "dirty work". I can't tell you the number of times I have shouted and thrown Cheetos at the screen because of poor blocking instincts by Ram receivers. If Emory Blake makes the final roster, the Ram's up field blocking will surely improve. Trent Fisher, a safety with Auburn might have bent dads ear, as this is the third player signed by the Rams from the school. Of course, Jeff Fisher watching Auburn ball games all year long could factor in as well.

With a bold move, the St. Louis Rams moved up eight spots to snag Tavon Austin out of West Virginia. He and lots of other rookies were drafted to help a franchise win, not just warm a bench.

Enjoy your weekend folks, and GO RAMS!

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