Random Ramsdom 5/27 - Prepping for OTA's

Dilip Vishwanat

It just wouldn't be an off-season Monday without Sam Bradford talk, and there is plenty to go around on this morning.

Happy Monday to you, Rams fans! Are you ready for some football summer?!

It's taken what seems like forever, but on-the-field news is quickly approaching. The St. Louis Rams will meet again for off-season workouts next week, from June 3-4, 6-7, the 11 and 13-14.

The real fun won't really begin until July - when position and roster battles take shape - but this is a great time to get a feel for the atmosphere in Jeff Fisher's second season with the club. In the meantime, have at some links...

Bradford in position to succeed - Sam Bradford may be immensely scrutinized both in and out of St. Louis, but the Post-Dispatch's Bernie Miklasz still sees big things in the quarterback's future. Part of his reasoning: In 2013 Sam will have - bar none - the best and fastest supporting cast of his young career. This season should be a stepping stone.

Bradford ranks 8th among young QB's - Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com has put together his Top 10 quarterbacks age 25 and younger. In that regard, eight overall is not an impressive standing, but that is exactly where he put the Rams' signal caller.

Pead wants more in year two - And so does everyone else who watched the former second round pick amass 70 yards from scrimmage in his rookie year. Isaiah Pead should get plenty more opportunities in 2013, but he needs to make the most of them before he is further lost on the depth chart.

Saffold adjusting to right side - There was much speculation earlier in the off-season that the Rams' fourth-year tackle, Rodger Saffold, would have harsh feelings about his eventual move to the right side. Such talk has since been forgotten ... for now. Saffold appears to be transitioning well and could still earn a hefty contract next year.

NFC West RB situations - Only the 49ers and Seahawks will go into next season with the same starters at running back. For the Rams and Cardinals, there are a myriad of question marks. St. Louis will almost certainly use a committee approach, but who earns the No. 1 job?

Can Ogletree win rookie honors? - It's nearly impossible to not see Alec Ogletree, the 30th overall selection in the April draft, not starting on opening day. He figures to play a prominent role almost immediately. If he flourishes early and often, the Rams could have another Rookie of the Year on the roster.

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