First off lets end this make or break year, crap. When Fisher got the job he said two things about Bradford.

  1. The top reason he took this job was because of Bradford and his potential and the belief around the league in the coaching circles that he could be one of the great ones.
  2. Last year (2011) has been erased and to him its like he is coming off his rookie season (now second season). Meaning in Fisher's eyes no regression has taken place.

So in a nutshell what I am saying is Sam Bradford is not going anywhere for a long time. Now without further ado, lets begin.

Sam Bradford has only "SEEMED" average, but the truth is he has not even been close to average. He was playing with scraps and seemed pretty good (average). Let me list some guys who are/were also considered average by a lot of analyst:

In Bradford’s 3 NFL season’s I have heard average come right before these players name countless times. Being average (also known as game managers) is not such a bad thing. Before I continue here is the list of elite’s:

Now, in Bradford’s 3 seasons the average QB’s may not have the eye popping numbers during the regular season but they are winning when it counts. The 4 average QB’s have a combined 9 playoff appearances out of a possible 11. And in those playoffs they have accumulated more playoff victories than the elites, as well as more Super Bowl rings (2-1).

These are the QB’s Sam is being compared to??? That’s fine with me. BUT, no one wants to be average, everyone wants to be elite and win rings, which is what all 4 elite QB’s have done, just not all since Sam has been around. Here’s why I Believe Sam is elite. These average QB’s are being called average with much more to work with than Bradord. The talent around Sam has easily been in the bottom 5-7 teams since he got here. But yet he has still been "average" (average guys get rings).

They say elite QB's can make an inferior supporting cast seem a lot better than they really are. Well correct me if I am wrong, but did his top two targets both just leave after getting two contracts, and both contracts were much more than originally projected for them? Both Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson were really short on talent. Go back and watch the Cowboys Hard Knocks from 2008. All the coaches kept talking about was how Danny is small, and if you're going to be small you have to have something to stand out. Albeit speed, routes, hands, DURABILITY, something!!! But, he had nothing. Aside from one game against the Texans that preseason he made no plays and ended up being apart of the final cuts. He was tough and worked hard but physically was not a pro, and made a ton of mental mistakes. It was the same exact scenario when he was with the Eagles. Speaking of the Eagles, that's also where Gibson came from. While he could make a really nice catch look easy at times, Gibson had skillet-hands. He also had zero YAC ability. He was not overly strong or quick, to make plays from brute force (Anquan Bolden), or just being quicker than fast (Mario Manningham). And that's not to say Amendola was some YAC master himself. His 8.81 yards per reception is the lowest average in NFL history by a wide receiver with at least 100 receptions. Meaning the more hyped WR between the two, and the one who got more money, happens to be the lesser talented one. But because Sam made him his go to guy and elevated his game it didn't appear that way. Amendola was on his last leg before Bradford, thanks in large part for being on Hard Knocks and the world seeing his flaws. And Gibson was viewed as nothing more around the league than a special teams and/or a 4th option at best. Now because Bradford elevated their play they have just signed two contracts with a combined worth over $40mil, and a combined nearly $14mil in guarantees. They should be calling Bradford everyday thanking him.




Here are the supporting cast the 4 average QB’s listed above have had:

1. Flacco

2. Dalton

3. Schabb

4. Eli

So if he can look average with no weapons other than Steven Jackson and Danny Amendola (all 28 of 48 games of him), what is he going to look like with his most talented supporting cast to date;



Easily 8-10x’s the most talent he has been around in his short career. I smell ELITE!!! Worst case scenario, another average QB who beats an ELITE QB for a ring!!!

And is it just mean or does his demeanor seem........"DIFFERENT"????


He is glowing with confidence and I love the way he has taken ownership of this team. He is letting it be known this is my team. And when he says his goal this year is "to win a Super Bowl." And if thats not your goal, "you might as well not even play this game!" He said it with a certain conviction that I loved and sent chills up my spine. This was the best Bradford interview I have ever seen. And not to call him immature or anything, but his maturity was on a different level here. It's just his entire demeanor is different, and the confidence, also you can see it when he smiles after he is asked about the additions to the offense, how excited he is. Sam is focused and I have seen interviews like this before, they were all held with the Elite QB's, and two "average" or once known to be "average" QB's who went on to win the super bowl the upcoming season after displaying such confidence (Eli and Flacco). Not saying we will win it all this year but there is no reason to believe Sam is not about to take a HUGE next step.

Now about this new offense. It's going to be spread out more, to do what Bradford has once again, in the video link above, said he WANTS to do more of, no huddle/hurry-up. By going to this style of offense I believe the ball will be spread out relatively evenly. I don't see anyone having 1000 yds receiving. I think our passing will resemble our running, a committee with no one player dominating touches. Obviously, Givens is the favorite going into the season to lead the team in targets, but then after that its sort of a toss up. No one knows. But how many of us can honestly say they see Givens as a true No. 1? I don't believe he ever becomes that. I would compare him to the player he was compared to the most coming out of college, Jeremy Maclin. I believe they both are the ideal number two. That's not to say neither can ever have 1000 yards, if not for injuries, Maclin may have done it twice, but they have the "go to guy" tag in them, it just is not their make-up. I believe our most natural No.1 WR's are Brian Quick and Stedman Bailey. But I am not sold on either player entering that role "this year". I also don't see Jared Cook ever reaching 50 rec or 800 yds, and I think his ceiling for td's is 7. He is sort of a one trick pony (a very cool trick). But most importantly is his non-existent blocking ability. He will not see as many snaps as some are believing. I see him playing about 40% of the snaps. Tavon Austin will be the WR with the most "touches", which is why he will not lead the team in receptions. He can't have 90 receptions, 35 carries, and 25 returns. I don't care who you are that's a hard pounding for any WR to take, lets leave those kind of numbers for the RB's (and people wonder why RB's have the shortest careers). And then there is Austin Pettis. Pettis was a different player last year. Entering his third year (the golden year for the WR position) I see him becoming Bradford's new security blanket, meaning a guy he will look for in crucial 3rd and long and red zone situations, just like he did the last 6 weeks of last season.

Spreading it out and not having a guy dominate in targets is actually a good thing. It keeps the defense on its heels. You suddenly never know where the ball will go, creating a guessing game, and causing everyone to have moderate success. I have broken down what I believe the numbers will look like for this season and who will have those numbers. These are merely estimates and not something to live or die by lol. Chris Givens is our most likely leading WR for the year with Bailey and Quick tied as dark horse candidates to finish the year at the top. But I am pretty sure it will be Givens, and yet I am still not sold on Givens having 1000 yds. I can see our top ten looking something like this:

1. 900-940 yds 65 rec
2. 730-775 yds 57 rec
3. 625 yds 55 rec
4. 542 yds 41 rec
5. 490 yds 40 rec
6. 390 yds 32 rec
7. 320 yds 28 rec
8. 185 yds 21 rec
9. 98 yds 11 rec
10. 89 yds 6 rec

Thats a max of 4,454 yds, which is right on par with about what I am expecting from Bradford this year (42-4400 is what i have been saying), so this list seems fair. I expect to see Quick somewhere in the middle, most likely 4. My ten would probably be like this:

1. Givens (7 tds)
2. Bailey (5 tds)
3. Austin (5 tds, rec only)
4. Quick (4 tds)
5. Cook (4 tds, im not sold on cook being the next Jimmy Graham, Gronkowski, or Gonzalez)
6. Pettis (5 tds)
7. Kendricks (2 tds)
8. Pead (1 td)
9. Richardson (0 td)
10. Stacy (0 td)

We should all get ready to start seeing more opening play drives like this:

Sam Bradford and the 83-yard Opening Play TD (via mrhobopants)

So there you have it. Bradford is Elite, and we have a supporting cast around him where everyone is capable scoring, simply because, well, everyone is capable of scoring, making others capable of scoring, make sense? Well as always thanks for reading, truly appreciated, and definitely looking forward to everyone's comments.

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