Jeff Fisher is shattering our notions of offensive line play


Right side, left side, what's the difference? Not much, apparently.

Uh oh. Jeff Fisher is going to catch hell from Twitter's army of draft analysts. And what egregious crime has the St. Louis Rams head coach committed this time?

He downplayed the differences between left and right tackles.

The world will end soon, swallowed up by the gash Fisher's arrogance made in the fabric of space and time.

The subject in question here was Rodger Saffold. He is now the Rams starting right tackle, moving over after the team signed Jake Long in free agency this year. When OTAs opened this week, Saffold finally got his first reps on the right side of the field.

"Football's football," Fisher admitted. "Responsibilities are the same. He's just at the point of attack when the ball goes to the right."

So in Fisher's mind, the right side and left side really aren't all the different. Clearly, the Rams are doomed from this kind of backwards thinking. DOOMED!

"We may have a tight end outside of him more often than the left tackle does," Fisher said of the right side. "Because with a right-handed quarterback, you're typically right-handed."

Saffold is apparently responding well to the move too. His coach praised his work over there on Thursday after practice.

"He's done a great job since we've moved him over," Fisher said.

There are some differences. Fisher's Jedi mind trick isn't fooling Saffold. Here's what he said to the Post-Dispatch after practice about the move to the right side:

"It's just a matter of getting used to it, the muscle memory, the change in stance. Honestly, it hasn't been as hard as I thought it was going to be. As far as the smaller details, that's what I'm constantly working on. It's just the second day out here, so I just want to continue to work and to learn."

Wait a minute, he doesn't make the right side sound all the different from the left side either, not really. And not as hard as it seems? Well, now all of my notions of reality are shattered.

Okay, I'm obviously being facetious here, just a little. The are differences in the right and left side of the protection scheme, but every year we see guys who pundits tell us must live on the right thrive on the left and vice versa.

The importance of the two positions are not so different anymore either. An arms race for pass rushers and more sophistication defensively sends just as much trouble for passers around the right side as it does the left side ... the middle too, which is why teams spend more on guards and centers than they once did.

I get the sneaking suspicion that if Saffold picks up where he left off on the left side last season, he'll be just fine on the right side this season.

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