Danny Amendola hits the big time

Otto Greule Jr

The little wide receiver is getting a really big profile.

Danny Amendola. For four years in St. Louis he was just another gritty, white slot receiver in the eyes of the NFL media. After fleeing for New England, he's a gritty, white slot receiver with lots more national attention.

He's even getting endorsement deals with Foot Locker!

I do suspect companies are more eager to land pitchmen from teams like the Patriots versus the Rams. Of course, if the Rams had continued through the last decade on the same pace the Patriots did, being in St. Louis wouldn't be a hindrance to landing endorsement deals.

As far as lazy media narratives go, Amendola may never escape that. Tom Brady was defending his new little buddy from Wes Welker comparisons this week as the Patriots picked up their offseason workouts.

From CSN New England:

"They're [playing] similar positions. They're about the same height. They've both got very good ability," Brady started. "It's hard, Wes was so productive for so long, I think it's unfair to compare anyone to Wes and what he was able to accomplish in his time here. Danny is really, he's just been fun to work with. I think he's come in with an open mind and an understanding of the way that we as Patriots, the way we need to play."

Yeah, you can't compare them ... similar position, height, undrafted, Texas Tech, but beyond that they're mostly different players. Brady does point out the main difference: Welker's put up some big numbers in career so far. He's also had the luxury of playing with one of the game's best quarterbacks on one of the league's best teams ... and he gets to do that again in Denver.

Reading that and having seen enough of Amendola's talent to tantalize, you wonder what kind of numbers he would have put up in St. Louis had he A) stayed healthy and B) been a part of a more complete team.

I guess we'll find out what he's capable of now. I certainly wish him the best.

Forgive me if I'm more interested in what kind of numbers Tavon Austin will post.

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