Around the NFL: May 18

Leon Halip

The News from around the NFL is all yours! Settle in with your weekend coffee, and take a gander at what's happening while we wait for training camp to begin...

No fan of Sanchez? Neither is Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith. He went off during an interview on what he thinks of the King of Butt Fumbles...

You can't be a quarterback, so... Joe Webb has been a fan favorite in Minnesota for the last couple years. That doesn't mean much to head coach Leslie Frazier, who has committed to Christian Ponder as his #1 quarterback. Webb is an excellent athlete, so his shift to being a full time receiver is at least possible, right?

The best DT tandems in the NFL? Gregg Rosenthal rates his top 5 defensive tackle duos in the NFL. No love for the Rams' Brockers and Langford, but who knows what the future holds? I don't agree with his #1 DT duo. Have a look and tell me I'm wrong...

The top 100 plays for 2012 - No love for any Rams plays from 100 to 50, but it could happen, right? Nah! The greatest play of last season for St. Louis was an Amendola catch against San Francisco that was "Gibson-ed". Nevertheless, here's 50 videos for your Saturday morning... Thoughts of the Rams best play of 2012? Let me know in the thread.

Three teams from the NFC West in the playoffs? Have a need to be "Dameshek-ed"? Well, the NFL resident comedian predicts the NFC West will send three teams to the playoffs in 2013. Hmm...

The surprise and disappointing teams for 2013 - The St. Louis Rams will make waves this season. Jason La Canfora either believes the Rams will make a move up in the standing this season, or he owes Jeff Fisher money?

Breakout players for 2013 - Jared Cook gets the nod as one of the players to watch in 2013. Nice to hear he may live up to his ka-jillion dollar contract. I think Cook could have a great season, but like everything Rams, it will happen through the offensive line's success or failure.

Seattle's Bruce Irvin get four game suspension for PEDs - He'll miss games against the 49ers, Texans, Panthers and Jaguars. Like it the NFL couldn't have suspended him until after the Seahawks play the Rams?

Multiple surgeries on his arm, and now his back? Rob Gronkowski must have spit in the injury God's guacamole. He's looking at a fourth - and possible FIFTH - surgery on his ill fated forearm. Now it looks like back surgery could be in the offing too.

Bradford and trick or treat? Odd little categories have Sam Bradford ranked low among NFL quarterbacks. I think this "make or break year" thing may be catching on?

Cardinals on the rise? Sports Illustrated's Chris Burke is buying stock in the Arizona Cardinals, or at least he knows what we fans in the NFC West know. I agree with him the Cardinals will be improved over their 2012 version. Can Bruce Arians really turn this team around so fast?

Tavon Austin may have cousins, but Tyron Smith has parents who'll threaten to kill for $$$ - Dallas Cowboys offensive tackle has taken out a restraining order on... His Parents? Yup, you read right. It seems his parents actually threatened his life, and that of his girlfriend if Smith didn't share his wealth. I wonder what happened when Smith was a kid and he was late for dinner...

I wonder what the deductible is? The Denver Broncos owe Peyton Manning something in the neighborhood of $40 million in guaranteed cash over the next couple years. So they took out an insurance policy against major injury for the man with the bionic neck. Is it just me that thinks the Insurance lLobby is about to chime in on tackling rules for quarterbacks?

Pressing questions about all 32 NFL teams - You know what the St. Louis rams needs are, but what about the other 31 NFL teams? Here's your chance to dial in your 2014 mock drafts, or just have a peek at flaws in teams the Rams will face in 2013.

Fantasy Football you say? How about some "bounce back" specials for 2013? Fantasy Football season is just around the corner, so take a look at who may bring the points this season.

Marketing a player isn't about a nice smile... Learn how companies decide on who will help them sell their products, and appear in commercials. I'm thinking acting must be higher on the list than the article intimates. How else do guys like Chad Johnson get sponsors?

Suh needs to listen to Mean Joe Greene - Ndamukong Suh has Hall of fame defensive tackle Mean Joe Greene's attention. You may want to listen Mr. Suh. One of the best ever is trying to tell you something...

"Worst off season" power rankings? Eeek! These guys really need some luck, even if it's bad. This is a list of guys who just can't seem to catch a break this off season. It's not all guys who break the law either. There's this guy named Tebow on the list, and...

The lone NFL "Iron Man" London Fletcher - This is a guy destined for the Hall of Fame. From his days on the Rams with the Greatest Show on Turf, to how he's become the single constant for a frazzled Redskins franchise, London Fletcher is one of the toughest players in NFL history.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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