Random Ramsdom: The Heat Is On

David Welker

The off-season programs are well underway, and the NFC West is no exception. Each team will be working diligently to uncover a way to exceed expectations this year.

The NFC West arms race is just underway, but has already reached a tipping point. Recently a poll of 13 NFL executives were asked which NFL team had the most talented roster. Of the 13 total votes, only the Seahawks and 49ers received a single vote. So it's likely the Rams will face the team with the consensus most talented roster in the NFL at least twice this year. However, Jeff Fisher has prided himself as a giant killer. Fisher and his young team will have an us vs. the world mentality that he instills in the players in 2013. Every NFC West team improved on paper this off-season. Now is the time of year where paper meets turf. Which NFC West team will have the edge in September?

Which late round NFL draft picks can start week 1?

St. Louis has two players on the list, any guesses?

SI released the top earning athletes for 2013:

Who makes the big dollars? It is interesting to see which football players make the list and where. Is Vincent Jackson really worth that pretty penny? Unless he changes his name to Calvin Johnson, I really doubt it. Either way, athlete pay is overrated in this day and age. Fans often find themselves too concerned with salaries. Can't we agree that there are far more stimulating aspects of sports than the athletes base salary?

Is there strength in numbers? Coaching numbers that is!

Mike Sando took a look at the number of assistant coaches in the NFC West - and let me tell you there were a lot. Jeff Fisher recently spoke at an event in St. Louis and talked about the importance of relating to players and building a program. To do this, he claims you have to learn to delegate and rely on your assistants. So far this has been a sound strategy for the Rams organization.

Keep Janoris Jenkins away from party buses - or end up like Shady McCoy:

Obviously the title is a little tongue in cheek; however, the rigors of NFL player life include keeping yourslef out of compromising situations. This is just another example.

Can Cody Davis make the final 53 man roster?

It certainly looks like he has a fair shot. He may have to beat out someone like Rodney McLoed or Matt Daniels, but if the talent is where it is advertised that shouldn't be a problem.

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