The Door Isn't Closed On Quintin Mikell's Return


The St. Louis Rams released Mikell before the NFL Draft. Without any veteran safeties on the roster, could Mikell return to the Rams this fall?

This off-season the St. Louis Rams had a few glaring needs. Their biggest needs were offensive line, weapons for Sam Bradford, and safeties. The Rams lost both of their starting safeties this off-season: Craig Dahl to the San Francisco 49ers, and Quintin Mikell was released due to salary cap woes.

To recover from losing both of their starting safeties, the St. Louis Rams selected T.J. McDonald in the 3rd round and promoted Darian Stewart to starter. The jury is still out on both players, with McDonald being a rookie, and Stewart, who couldn't beat out Dahl.

So the Rams wouldn't be hurting themselves if they decided to add a veteran safety, at least to help coach the players and be a spot starter.

Here's an interesting tidbit from a Jim Thomas article this weekend.

"We’ll get through this (rookie) camp, maybe some of the OTAs, and then look at everything," Snead said. "Who’s out there, and maybe what position we could use a veteran. I say there’s a good chance we sign one up to three, depending on the fit."

(Former Rams safety Quintin Mikell and former Jacksonville linebacker Daryl Smith remain possibilities. Mikell’s nameplate is still up over his locker stall from last season, for what it’s worth.)

Mikell's nameplate is still over his locker? Either the Rams haven't hired a new equipment manager since former head coach Steve Spagnuolo was in town, or maybe there's still a chance that Mikell could return.

Mikell was one of the Rams best defensive players last season. In fact, he was rated the best defender on the team per PFF focus. Mikell had the most tackles in his career with 93, and also sacked the quarterback 3 times. He played more in the box last season.

Shockingly, It doesn't appear that Mikell has generated much interest around the league. Age is most likely the biggest factor, but teams don't usually love older in the box players. He's 32 years old, and teams have been low balling older players. (Case in point: Dwight Freeney is still a free agent)

So will Mikell return? Maybe, his name is still over the locker and that's a good sign. It doesn't look like the Rams would want Mikell back as a starter. Granted, if he plays better then Stewart he could earn a starting spot, but he won't be given a starting job, which could be what the hold up is.

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