Mock MADDEN roster...Kinda....

I'm sure some TSTers are excited as I for the next madden to have all our guys from last year and this past draft in the game to finally match someone who picks obvious teams online. Here are just a few things I'm looking forward too.

It will be great to have a decent receiver group that should be solid 70's, with givens and austin in the 80's this will allow alot of things to open up pending on your style of play.

Big ? mark all of us are thinking how are we going to make up for not having Steven Jackson in the backfield? what are the new ratings for the backs going to be? I for one have been thinking about putting Tavon Austin at RB since i play mostly in shotgun and like screens and throwing to the flats (yes i'm that kind of guy). Overall this is going to be a bitter sweet thing, EA sports for some reason thought SJAX was a sloth, getting the edge was impossible but on the bright side he mostly brushed off the first tackler on all plays.

Sam Bradford his rating shouldn't change much maybe move up 1 or 2 and regardless how you feel about Sam I have no problem with him in Madden he gets my throws there and if i need him to pick up 2 or 3 yards on his feet he gets it. He is solid all around in the game and fits most style's of user play.

Tight end is interesting I don't run the ball as much as madden suggests I wish he would just leave me alone I know what I'm doing gaw. But anyway some people I know like to put there TE's as receivers for greater blocking which might work well for you with Jared Cook kind of a win win with him he will defiantly be utilized in anyone's game plan. Lance Kendricks should move up a rating or 2 I like him at FB sometimes since i rarely run a 2 TE set but he should be a solid check down man.

offensive line should be the BIGGEST upgrade over maddens of yor it takes awhile before madden takes former pro bowlers ratings down so Scott Wells should still be a great center, Jake Long is Jake Long, Saffold is above average as they come, and we let go of bad dahl so good dahl should look even better. LG i'm thinking will be someone with a rating of 73-79 which will be most likely B Jones. Madden isn't real life but it tries it's damn best to get close and offensive line MATTERS in both.


No you are not drunk I spaced them like that for some reason? You probably haven't read this far my Grammar and sentence structure tends to give the big name editors on TST an eye sore like a 7th grader writing an essay in red pen.

Defensive line- I mostly am Quinn I let the cpu do coverage duties and i use Quinn to disrupt screens and BS slant routes and this unit will get after the QB hell the 3 man rush can get it done if you take away the guy the user is staring at.

Line Backers- will be an upgrade Ogletree should be an 80 I think that's pretty fair and he can be utilized a lot for one you can stay in the base 4-3 make the front look mean and run stoppy yet have a solid coverage guy in him to pick up most tight ends and Rb's. Jl55 keep doin what you do and Jolan you sir are getting a madden rating raise for what that is worth to you.

Corner backs- Finnegan will stay around his current rating and Janoris will get bumped up so we should be able to do man coverage plays pretty effectively and you can blitz without hesitation for the most part. That doesn't mean you can just engage eight blitz.... person who just turned the ball over and is pissed off... Depth is also pretty well here we should have a good dime look this year too.

Safety.... I kept it down at the bottom to make you read this far I'm a terrible person. But I just don't know what to expect, in reality i'm not too concerned but in madden I'm a bit scared. TJ mcdonald will be a 76-77 he just screams that in my head and I will take it and make it work but FS like who? I'm thinking about trying out TRU at the spot and see how it goes. I think before the first roster update if we have 2 safety's above 75 we should be alright against the competition. Just don't think a hit stick will work or take to many chances with them swat the ball and be happy to win a down.

I'm really excited hearing what you guys think. Oh mini games EA add that again pass attack and run attack are great for when you have guests over and don't feel like sitting around waiting to play.

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