Around the NFL: Saturday - May 11

"Hey Moreno! Pull my finger... Come on, just pull it..." - Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's the slow season for NFL news, you say? HA! It's just spread out a bit. So settle in for your Saturday morning read, because I have tons of stuff for you. Enjoy!

Rams the surprise team for 2013? Jason LaCanfora think so, along with a revived New Orleans Saints team. He makes a good case for the NFC West sending three teams to the playoffs this year. While he doesn't think the Rams will displace San Francisco or Seattle at the top of the division, he thinks the they'll win enough to sneak into the post season. Things really are looking up, aren't they?

The best NFL rivalries for 2013? It constantly amazes me how so many overlook the Rams-49ers rivalry. It made "honorable Mention" in the article, but only because of last season. Grrrrr!! This is one of the longest standing rivalries in the NFL, and it started back in October 1950. According to, the series is tied - 61-61-2. Now THAT is a rivalry!

Tony Romo is serious about Football in 2013 - So all it took for him to cut back on his golf was a contract extension worth over $100 million? I'm not sure it will be enough though... The golf, I mean. Ragged play by Romo in the past just had the "New Contract bu-la-bu-la" hex added to his potential woes in 2013. At least the Cowboys got a center in the first round of the draft, right? Good time Dallas!

Steven Jackson is just another running back? Can't agree with the author here. Anyone who discounts Jackson is a fool. He'll add a major dimension to the Atlanta Falcons this season with his pass catching skills, and never say die attitude.

Jags and Tebow? Shahid Khan does know something about discount parts, so...? But fans in Jacksonville are getting tired of Tebow talk, and have hit the interwebs to thwart his possible return to the hanging chad state.

USC quarterbacks have it tough in the NFL... I thought this for some time, and I guess someone else thinks so too? It's hard to argue the point though. USC's quarterbacks are awesome at the college level, but the NFL hasn't been king to them for quite some time.

Multiple single position picks in the last draft have pundits watching the trend. I like the idea of attacking a position weakness with multiple picks. Shotgun approaches in the past, of spattering a number of picks across a roster, never made much sense to me. I think it helps if a team has a core of players to build around, but at some point a team has to focus on key positions in a big way.

Titus Young arrested twice in 15 hours... Every time I type that I chuckle just a bit. Cruel, I know, but he was almost a St. Louis Ram. This young man needs help, and I hope the NFL steps in to provide him the counseling he needs before his career is completely gone.

Here's a HUGE bundle of side stories for your Saturday morning read from Sports Illustrated's NFL desk. Enjoy!

Early point spreads for NFC West games are out. Talk about early? Damn! Excuse me while I call my bookie, I mean my Mom...

NFC West draft picks by 40 yrd dash times - This is a fun read, and interesting too. The top NFC West pick by 40 time? Tavon Austin with a 4.34.

Gronk's arm is in trouble - New England tight end Rob Gronkowski's broken arm is getting serious. A nagging infection in the surgically repaired forearm isn't going away. Three operations in, he's lokking at a fourth, and possible fifth operation, putting his 2013 season in doubt if his bones don't start to heal soon.

Vikings make a deal for interim stadium while their new home is built - Calling Bud Grant! Cold weather coach needed on a short term basis. You'll need to teach players how to hop from one foot to the other in -20 degree weather

$220 million for the naming rights for 49ers new stadium? It's all in the jeans, Levi jeans to be precise. The 2o year deal for $11 million a year "seams" big for the famous denim maker... Get it? The favorite for the stadium nickname: "Field of Jeans"... No, really!

Peyton Manning loves a practical joke - Have a look at what the multi-million dollar quarterback does to entertain himself and his teammates.

How much would you pay for RGIII's pink shoes? Hats off to the sencond year quarterback phenom for helping to raise $30,000 for charity.

Most overrated players in the NFL? The list has some players who deserve being there. But comparing Jay Cutler to Jeff George is low. Accurate, but low...

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