Everything you want to know about the Rams Rookie Mini Camp

Say hello to the newest Ram - Al Bello

It's time to see what the new members of the St. Louis Rams can do

The St. Louis Rams begin rookie mini camp today. Many dreams will be broken this weekend, but for those who make the cut, the ultimate challenge is going against the veterans. If they prove to be up to snuff, they will make the final 53 man roster, hidden on the practice squad, or going into the next phases of their life.

It's time to see if these rookies have what it takes to make it at the professional level. Most likely the drafted players are locks to make the roster, but if the rookie free agents can start making plays today, who knows what could happen.

Here's what you need to know about the Rams rookie mini camp

When and how long is camp

May 10th- May 12th

Is the camp open?

The camp is closed to the public. Hopefully the writers on the Rams team site and the Post Dispatch, will report on the camp.

The rookies that were drafted and their jersey numbers

Tavon Austin, WR – No. 11
Alec Ogletree, LB – No. 52
T.J. McDonald, S – No. 25
Stedman Bailey, WR – No. 12
Barrett Jones, OL – No. 67
Brandon McGee, CB – No. 32
Zac Stacy, RB – No. 30

The UDFA's that will compete in this camp

Those players won't be the only ones competing to make the roster. I wrote about these players a few days ago, and if you want to learn more about them come here.

WR C.J. Akins, Angelo State

LB Ray Ray Armstrong, Miami

K/P Brett Baer, Louisiana-Lafayette

LB Darren Bates, Auburn

WR Emory Blake, Auburn

OL Braden Brown, BYU

RB Benjamin Cunningham, Middle Tennessee State

S Cody Davis, Texas Tech

DT Garrett Goebel, Ohio State

LS Jorgen Hus, Regina (Canada)

DT Al Lapuaho, Utah State

TE Philip Lutzenkirchen, Auburn

DE Gerald Rivers, Ole Miss

OL Kevin Saia, Louisiana Tech

S Cannon Smith, Memphis

CB Robert Steeples, Memphis

FB Eric Stevens, Cal

LB Phillip Steward, Houston

LB Jonathan Stewart, Texas A&M

CB Drew Thomas, UTEP

DE R.J. Washington, Oklahoma

CB Darren Woodard, UTEP

What the media will say

It's not the media's fault, but everything will be over hyped.

I'm predicting here, but expect to hear glowing reviews on how explosive Tavon Austin is, and how Stedman Bailey is catching everything.

It's rookie camp, so it's great to get hyped about what you're reading, but remember don't trust anything until games count.

The important things we hope to learn during camp

The most important thing to learn is how will the Rams use T.J. Mcdonald and Alec Ogletree. Fisher could let loose those details this weekend.

How well do the UDFA's perform?

Will Zac Stacy start to slowly rise into the starting ranks

Did Jeff Fisher cut his mustache

Players that you could hear about during camp

Zac Stacy- Stacy could end up the starting running back.

Alec Ogletree- Starting OLB, he has the speed to cover, and move sideline-to-sideline.

Phillip Lutzenkirchen- He could make the team as the third TE. He has the upside

Cody Davis- Has the talent to make the roster. Looks like a backup with upside.

Tavon Austin- Could become the best movable chess piece in the game.

Stedman Bailey- Could end up getting lots of playing time, good hands and route running.

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