TST Roundtable: The crew names their least favorite draft picks

Harry How

Like every draft, there's at least one person where you say, hm why did they draft him there? So the crew names their least favorite draft pick.

According to the national media, the St. Louis Rams had a great draft. It's kind of hard to ding the team for selecting playmakers for their quarterback Sam Bradford, and then adding pieces to help a good defense take the next step forward.

That being said, it wasn't a shock picking a least favorite draft pick for the Rams is/was hard for many members of the turfshowtimes crew. That's a good thing, doesn't mean that a couple of these players won't be on the team, just means that the Rams did a good job of drafting last weekend.

With all that being said, let's take a look at the players that the crew picked as their least favorite.

Tevin Broner

T.J Mcdonald

I see why the Rams drafted him. If they can coach up his read and react skills in the back end he will be solid playing deep. But I don't really see him playing FS and playing the back end well day 1. I think he will fill Quintin Mikell's spot blitzing and playing in the box. If he plays that role he will be good. He probably should have been a 4th round pick, but I can live with where he was selected.


Brandon McGee. Mostly because Bacarri Rambo was still there & I liked Rambo.

Brandon Birkhead

Alec Ogletree, I do not think he was worth this pick. He is a great athlete, but I don't know if he is a great football player. He is not physical in the running game, and he is not strong at the point of attack. He does fit the defense well with his range and coverage ability. Obviously the Rams think they can coach him up.


I don't know that I'm disappointed in the Ogletree pick, but I'm certainly aware of the opportunity costs. That awareness is heightened by the fact that the Rams were cut out of the 2nd round after sacrificing the 46th pick to move up to get Tavon Austin. I'm cool with that on a couple levels, but I see Arthur Brown late in the 2nd to the Ravens and all the talent at the top of the 2nd...put it like this. I hope Ogletrees' a beast and we don't have to revisit this except in a positive light.

D. Hawk

TJ McDonald was the pick I was most disappointed in but not for the reasons most people are citing. I just simply didn't know enough about McDonald to have an opinion, which is disappointing.

Mike D

The pick I liked the least is T.J McDonald. He had an awful 2012 and has some coverage issues while not being too fluid.

Douglas M

The jury is out for me on the Stacy pick. I really wanted Joesph Randle, RB, OSTU

Joesph Stanfill

I can't say I have a least liked pick. While I was following along with the draft I was just really pleased with every pick. I am going on record here as saying this is perhaps the best draft "as a whole" that the Rams have had in a very, very long time.

Brandon Bate

I'm not disappointed in any of the picks, but I'd say TJ McDonald is the player the Rams may have drafted too early. There were plenty of quality safeties still available in the 4th round. Looking back, I can see several players I'd [still] prefer over this particular safety in this particular round. Don't hate the pick by any stretch.

So is their a player that you was disappointed with the Rams drafting? or did you love them all? Leave a comment below.

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