My first fanpost and first mock draft. That's a $5 dollar value for only $19.95!

Alright let me begin by saying this is my first fanpost ever. I've been a long-time reader of TST, I've more recently been trying to join into conversation when I have time away from school work. So if you don't know me, now you do. Anyway onto my version of the draft, which I've been thinking a lot about lately. Any criticism or input would be graciously accepted and wanted. Onto to the draft!

1(16): Trade down with Denver for their 1st (28) and 2nd (60). I feel like Tavon Austin and Chance Warmack will both be taken by this juncture. I feel like other players would be reaches or don't fit our needs. I predict that Denver will trade up and pick a falling Jarvis Jones to complement Von Miller. We pick up an extra 2nd rounder, while they pick up possibly the most talented player in the draft. Win-win scenario in my mind.

1(22): Jonathan Cyprien (S – FIU) – This guy is aggressive and physical. He has above average ball skills. The only downside is him coming out of a small-school in FIU. It may take him a while to adjust, but with the talent in the rest of our secondary I feel like he will have the ability to be a very good free safety in this league.

1(28): DeAndre Hopkins (WR – Clemson) – Every time I watched Hopkins play this year, I couldn't help but realize his seperation ability. He runs routes very well along with great on the field speed. His 40 time didn't do him justice. Plus he has great hands. He reminds me of Anquan Boldin. He won't be quite as flashy as Austin, but he will provide excellent value at pick 28.

2(46): Robert Woods (WR – USC) – Now here some people may say “OH EM GOODNESS, WE CAN'T PICK BACK TO BACK RECEIVERS!!!” (Because if you capitalize stuff, people pay attention:) I say why not. Woods has the potential to be a great player. He was thought of as a top 5 pick a year ago. A nagging ankle injury and Matt Barkley only locking on to Marquise Lee really hurt his production. When he is totally healthy, I believe he can be a very good player. He runs excellent routes and has good speed. He provides good value here in the middle of the second round.

2(58): Larry Warford (G – Kentucky) – This guy is a mauler, no mistake about it. He is a powerful run blocker and I think an above average pass protector. After some work with Coach Bodreau I feel like he could be special. His main downside is athleticism and getting to the second level, but he's not terrible at either of those things. If it weren't for Warmack and Cooper being in this draft, I think he would be considered a first round prospect. But he seems to be overshadowed by those two. I hope Fisher takes advantage and gets a steal here late in the second. But where will he play. Good question. I think the Rams cut Harvey Dahl (even though I love the guy) and save around 4 million from his salary. I feel like you plug in Warford at RG and put Rok at LG. You could have a very good run blocking line right up the middle.

3(78): Bennie Logan (DT – LSU) – This guy is a pure 3 technique pass rushing DT. He has very good speed for his position and can be very disruptive and get into the backfield. He forced Qbs to go right into the hands of Montgomery and Mingo (But sometimes Montgomery and Mingo wouldn't finish the play). But I still like Logan and even though I haven't heard him visting St. Louis, they still would've seen him while scouting Brockers last season. It can add some great depth to the already fantastic D-line we have.

4(113): TJ McDonald (S – USC) – I feel like McDonald gets a little too much hate. He was essentially the only good player on a bad USC defense. He would get burned at times, but I feel like that is because his game is being an enforcer closer to the LOS. He isn't truly awful in coverage, but he isn't great either. He's like the purgatory of coverage safeties. He's so-so in that area. He can look great, but he can still be beat. I feel like he's similar to Mikell in that regard. But he's a good tackler and big and has better speed than other top safeties *cough cough Vaccaro cough* and he is relatively instinctive. I feel like if we can get him in the 4th, we would be getting great value.

5(149): Gerald Hodges (LB – Penn State) – Hodges isn't overly fast but is a solid tackler and has good instincts. He would fit right into our linebacking core. I feel like he's strong enough to play at Strongside LB. He's pretty well rounded, solid at everything, great at nothing. I think the Rams would be wise to scoop him up in the 5th round. He could start at the beginning of the season.

6(184): Christine Michael (RB – Texas A&M) – I've seen Michael mocked to the Rams as early as the 4th round here on TST. I don't think any team will risk taking him that high. First off, he's had some injuries over his college career. Second, he didn't play all that much this year (mainly due to the fact that Johny Football got most of the touches). I feel like that could drop him on teams draft boards. I could be very wrong and he may not be available here, but I have a gut feeling he will. He has all the potential in the world and I'd love to see him in horns next season.

7(222): Cooper Taylor (S – Richmond) – I feel like in the 7th round, you have to go for a developmental player. With no huge needs that we haven't adressed already in FA and the draft, I'd like the Rams to pick Taylor. I like what I've seen of Taylor. He has potential. But he's also had a lengthy injury history and hadn't played much prior to this season. So he's still pretty raw. But I feel like the FO would take a shot on a guy like him. He could be stashed away on the practice squad for a while and then brought up to the big leagues if we have any major injuries.

There you have it, my take. I hope you liked it. I'll graciously accept any feedback and criticism. Would love to hear what you guys think :) Go Rams!

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