Versatility and Mocks

With the draft approaching quickly and everyone having done their mock drafts, I have found that there are basically three types of mocks, the guy that takes football serious (he is usually employed and has a degree) the guy who drafts based on how their favorite team would be on Madden (usually a younger single male who has cheeto stain's on his keyboard and bong water stains on their carpet) and then there is the out of no where draft (this guy talks because he likes to hear himself argue). I have seen all the pundits weigh in on who the Rams should or will take and I remember that very few of the people we follow have any sort of prior NFL front office experience. I for some reason am one for logic, it may not always seem logical to you, but hey, we all can't agree, life would be boring. So I know we are going to do a few things in the draft, namely draft at least 2 maybe 3 offensive lineman. During the season we will have 53 active players and 20% of them will be offensive lineman. Our current projected offensive line is looking like

Jake Long


Scott Wells

Harvey Dahl

Roger Saffold

with the reserves Shelly Smith (G) Chris WIlliams (T/G) Joe Barksdale (T) Brandon Washington (G) Tim Barnes (C)

i can see our interior line being addressed in the draft, but not as soon as most of us thinks, I also think that we are going to trade down if Trevon Austin is not available for us at 16. I can see us taking Vaccarro at 16 and then trading 22 for some mid round selections. I do not see anyone really standing out at a position of need being there at 22, not as much as lets say a second and a third or a fourth(I am not a deal maker, I dont understand the draft day point system) but if we were able to secure a a couple second round picks and a couple third round picks and a couple fourth round picks the options we would have could benefit us more then whoever we could take at 22. That being said, history maybe working against me this time. Guard is a position of need for us and some projections have us taking a Guard in the first round. Traditionally Guards do not get drafted as high as we are seeing the top two in this years draft, and last year if i recall DeCastro was projected really high as well and he didn't go until 18. My thought process takes me to think that the drop off between Warmack/Cooper and Warford/Long/Pugh isn't that great, there is great depth in this years draft with offensive lineman, i count 28 or so Tackles or Guards that will go in the first 5 rounds. What is more exciting for me is that there are 11 players with a draft grade of 5th round or better that have the versatility to play at least 2 offensive line positions. Most of these players will be selected between the second and fifth round. In no particular order;

dj fluker T/G

kyle long T/G

justin pugh T/G

Terron Armstead T/G

Brian Winters T/G

Dallas Thomas G/T

Travis Fredrick G/C

Barrett Jones C/G/T

Terron Armstead G/T

Alvin Bailey G/T

David Quessenberry C/G

Having versatility creates value to me, allowing the coaching staff to be flexible will give them a better chance at being successful. I am admitting an error in my ways and getting on board the playmaker in the first round ship and address the line later on. There are just too many players that can contribute along the line later on in the draft and not so many playmakers later on in this draft. There is a steep drop off for a 4-3 OLB after the first 4 or so, I believe that will create demand for that position. Safety is one of the deeper positions this year, along with wide receiver. I can see us taking 2 of those three positions with our first two selections, and double dipping later on depending on how the board falls to us. I would love to see us spend a second, third and fourth on any of those 11 players I just listed. We all have our favorites in this years draft, and it really does not matter who we take because come Sundays in the fall we will love each and every one of them, Jason Smith aside.

After all my griping about Mocks here we go, I will throw in my two cents, no trades though

16 Trevon Austin

22 Jarvis Jones

46 Larry Warford

78 Barret Jones

113 Marcus Lattimore

149 David Quessenberry

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