Final Mock Draft.

1a. 16. Keenan Allen, WR, California

At this point, Tavon Austin is gone and I don't think the Rams want another raw receiver in Cordarralle Patterson. Keenan Allen doesn't have the best speed in the class, but he makes up for it with great route running and great hands. He will give Sam Bradford a good target and add to a growing core of young receivers that already includes Brian Quick, Chris Givens, and Austin Pettis.

1b. 22. Matt Elam, S, Florida

Elam is a ball hawking, hard hitting safety, the kind that Jeff Fisher absolutely loves. The Rams went a long period of time without a turn over last year, and I think Elam will start right away and be able to create a lot of turnovers. He is my favorite safety in the class and I think the Rams will be happy to take him at 22.

2. 46. Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin

I know a lot of people haven't liked me picking Ball, but in all honesty I like him as a football player a lot better than Eddie Lacy. Who else can say they hold pretty much every NCAA touchdown record for RB's? He finds the end zone, and the way this team struggled in the red zone last year, this pick will go a long way towards improving that and I think once they see it in action, fans will have no problem with this pick.

3. 78. Baccari Rambo, S, Georgia

With this pick, the other half of the Rams new safety tandem is complete. He will play FS, Matt Elam will play SS, and together, the two can work magic as the last line of defense. Along with a great CB core, we now have a good young safety core, and together this defense can get better and grow together and become one of the top defenses in the league.

4. 113. Jelani Jenkins, OLB, Florida

This has been my one constant pick. I love this player, he is explosive, and has great sideline to sideline speed. This pick may be considered one of the steals of the draft once it is all said and done. This pick will complete our starting linebacker tandem.

5. 149. David Bass, DE, Missouri Western

The Rams have spent a lot of time on Bass, and from what I am hearing they are liking what they see. He will add great depth at the DE position along with William Hayes he could help turn the Rams into a sack machine that we all hope for.

6. 184. Denard Robinson, Return Specialist, Michigan

I know this pick may be jaw dropping, but it has the potential to turn out really nice. He will be used mostly for kick off and punt returns, so the Rams don't risk Christ Givens or Isiah Pead on returns, but he can also work in wild cat situations and as a WR from time to time. This pick will give the Rams a dual threat player that they haven't had in awhile.

7. 222. TJ Moe, WR, Missouri

With the departure of Danny Amendola, the Rams need a new slot receiver. Enter TJ Moe, a St. Louis native who will give the Rams a solid presence in the slot. He has good hands despite not having the best speed, and should help the Rams out in the end zone.

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