Eddie Lacy: Mentally Prepare Yourself


Draft day mental collapses are a reality. Start preparing today to avoid a meltdown on draft day.

Crying in the fetal position, screaming at the TV, throwing the remote - all things that will happen if the Rams select Eddie Lacy in the first round. Well folks, I'm here to tell you to start your mental preparation now.

The Rams lost a legend this year in Steven Jackson and in-turn lack the kind of running back Jeff Fisher has preferred historically. In 2007 Jeff Fisher's Titans took Arizona running back Chris Henry with the 50th pick in the draft - the same pick the Rams used last year to select Isaiah Pead. The very next year Fisher selected Chris Johnson, out of East Carolina, with the 24th selection in the draft - the Rams hold the 16th and 22nd pick in the upcoming draft. Striking similarities exist between the two draft situations.

Fisher's Titans also selected Eddie George in the first round after acquiring Rodney Thomas in the 3rd round the year before. Jeff Fisher likes running backs and isn't scared to select them in back to back years.

Lacy finished 2012 with 1,322 rushing yards, 17 rushing touchdowns and two receiving touchdowns. He is a workhorse who is capable of staying on the field for three downs. Isaiah Pead and Daryl Richardson seem to be more in the style of a change of pace back, but the Rams have said they feel otherwise, yet they brought Lacy in for a visit.

Eddie Lacy is a leading candidate to be a Ram next season, so start your mental preparation now.

Preventative Measures

1. Hide all remotes, children, glasses and any other objects that you may want to throw, smash, or harm in any other way.

2. Watch the draft in a soundproof room. You don't want the neighbors hearing the language that is bound to come out.

3. This is important: Watch the draft on your worst TV. You don't want to go breaking your new flatscreen.

4. Start preparing NOW!

Luminosity.Com - This website can help you improve your brain health and performance with brain games designed by neuroscientists. Maybe if you start your training today, you wont bash in your new 42 inch flatscreen come draft day.

Neuronation.com - Build your self-control so when you hear, "With the 22nd pick of the 2013 draft, the St. Louis Rams select Eddie Lacy, running back out of Alabama" you remain in control.

Calmsound.com - After the selection, I suggest putting on some calming music. Perhaps whoosh or goosfraba it out.

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