Random Ramsdom 04/04/2013: St. Louis Rams News & Notes

Butch Dill

In three weeks, a lot of fans questions are going to be answered. The long-awaited NFL Draft is right around the corner. Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the NFL as we inch toward draft day.

SB ✭ Nation

* Mocking the Draft: Douglas M, along with a few other loyal TSTer’s, entered a community mock where they represented your St. Louis Rams. Dan Kadar took a moment to grade their draft.

* Draft stocks on the rise: Matthew Fairburn highlights a few players whose stock is rising as we near draft day. Jonathan Franklin has been a popular name as of late.

* Paul Rudd is one hilarious dude. He also should be blind from having feverishly scrubbed his eyeballs with a bar of soap. No one should be subjected to what he saw...


* Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington isn’t getting off to a great start with new head coach Bruce Arians. He’s getting paid like a top tier linebacker in the NFL, but he won’t be earning it over the course of 16 games...at least not in 2013.

* The Rams are one of two teams with two first round picks in the NFL Draft. The 49ers, however, have the most. Much like the Rams 22nd pick [from Redskins], a lot of picks have changed hands amongst NFL teams. 28 to be exact. The NFC West is gettin’ all up in that!

* Forget that the Rams had the best record in the division in 2012. They aren’t the 49ers, and they aren’t the Seahawks. That’s all that matters, because those are the teams that will undoubtedly win the West.


* Whether you like it or not, Eddie Lacy is coming to visit the Rams. We’ll find out if the Rams think any of the running backs on the current roster have what it takes to spell Steven Jackson. Let’s give it...oh...let’s say three weeks.

* Kevin Kolb is out in Arizona, and it doesn’t appear that there’s going to be much of a quarterback competition for the Cardinals. John Skelton is headed to Cincy.

* Don’t forget to place your vote for Greatest Play of All Time. No matter what you do, the finals will include either the Seahawks or 49ers. Sickening!

* At the age of 33, Kurt Warner took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl. Don’t expect that from Carson Palmer.

Sports Illustrated

* Don Banks has an updated 2013 NFL Mock Draft. The Rams won’t get Chance Warmack...they won’t get Tavon Austin...and Kenny Vaccaro won’t be wearing horns either. Have a look. Thoughts?

* The Rams traded down in 2012, and afforded themselves a few more players as a result. A couple of the players that the Rams could really covet may be gone before 16. Could they be a team willing to move up to get their guys?

Bleacher Report

Matt Miller has put in some serious time ranking the NFL’s Top 1000 Players. It’s far too many slides for one man to pilfer through, but his most recent post address the Top 100 Cornerbacks. Because I like you, I’ve gone ahead and quick-linked you to Tru Johnson, J Jenks, and Cort Finnegan. Not satisfied with their rankings? This ought to explain why...


ProFootballTalk - You may get disappointed when you look at your bank account. At least you’re not an NFL team. Take a look at the Rams.....scroll waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down

Football Outsiders - A look at an Unknown, Unsung, and Under-appreciated college prospect. I wrote a piece on how the ‘Unsung’ could be another ‘Gem’ for the Rams in late January.

and then the Rams made a move...

and then the 49ers made a move…

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