TST Roundtable: Grading the St. Louis Rams draft


The crew list their draft grades for the St. Louis Rams

Draft grades right after the NFL Draft is dumb. I mean really dumb, and quite possibly it's one of the dumbest things a person can do... But hey, I decided we should do it anyway. We don't live in a patient society, and I know personally I'm not patient, so I shouldn't force you guys to wait.

Because honestly, like any draft class, this class could have a lot of busts. Or the team could end up having drafted a few starters. So instead of waiting three years to accurately depict draft classes, let's do it right now.

I asked the TST crew to come up with their draft grades for the St. Louis Rams. Not surprisingly, the majority of the writers agreed on the Rams having a strong draft.

Brandon Bate

Solid A-. I think it's fair to say that the 2012 draft crop provided more of an immediate impact for the Rams defense. This year, Les Snead decided to surround Sam Bradford with plenty of new toys, while still addressing the holes on the defensive side of the ball. The 2013 draft may not be the cure, but it's definitely going to remedy a few of the Rams' offensive deficiencies. I like it like Lloyd Christmas likes Mary Sampsonite....err, Swanson.


I'd give it an A-. Every player is going to have a role, as a starter or in special teams. We got offensive weapons & some nasty mofos on defense.

D. Hawk

I would give us a B+. The only reason I'm not giving the Rams an A is because I would have liked a DT, and another safety and because giving an A feels jinxy.

Tevin Broner

I would give this draft a B+. The Rams should have some good starters, and if they aren't starters, these players should be good depth players. In my opinon, T.J. Mcdonald and Alec Ogletree's development will be the big keys to this drafts grade

Joesph Stanfill

A way too early draft grade is A-, looks like every guy will have a role on the field in 2013.


Gotta go with an A. As I mentioned above, the Rams had a plan and they executed it. Whatever else this draft class turns into, that approach is a sign of a smart, capable organization. While the class is a bit smaller than others, they hit needs very, very well without sacrificing too much value. Yay us.

Douglas M.

B+ - No other team in the NFL drafted so many players who can contribute day 1

Brandon B

For this draft, I would go with an A. There are likely three starters, possibly 4 starters out of this draft. Each player also will play a major role on the team next season. There were no let's wait and see picks. Each player was drafted to make an impact as a rookie.

What are your grades for the team?

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