TST Roundtable: The crew picks their favorite draft pick from last weekend

Al Bello

The NFL Draft is over, but we are just getting started at Turfshowtimes. The crew picks their favorite players that were drafted on the Rams last week.

The NFL Draft has come and gone. The St. Louis Rams added play-makers to their already solid roster. They addressed weaknesses and holes throughout their roster during the draft. The six players the Rams added to their roster should make an impact on the team this season, and most of this class could be long term players.

Since the Rams have been said to have a strong class, I decided to ask the crew which rookie was their favorite pick. Every pick wasn't Tavon Austin, but it's easy to say that like the rest of Rams nation, the staff of TST favors the UWV star. But you could see a couple of surprising names on this list.


I might be alone here, but I really like TJ McDonald. Overall, I loved the approach to the draft. It was confident and well-executed. And I'm a big fan of Zac Stacy (let alone being a fan of grabbing your RBs late...). McDonald though was a big grab; we're devoid of talent at safety without Mikell. Even if we do re-sign him, there's a reason why we let him walk in the first place. We don't have a game-changer at the back. I think McDonald is going to be someone that allows new DC Tim Walton to tighten the corners up a bit...and I don't think any of us would be upset if Janoris isn't giving an eight yard cushion on 3rd and 2

Brandon Bate

Tavon Austin, and it's not even close for second. College football's most electrifying player is now a St. Louis Ram. Whether on offense or special teams, he's going to drastically impact what the Rams are capable of doing.

Tevin B

Stedman Bailey- Honestly he could end up being a really good number two. I think he will end up as Bradford's go to guy. He's really dependable, and can make plays

Doug M/Dougie Fresh

Barrett Jones - While Austin and Ogletree offer the team some bells and whistles, Jones is one of those "big uglies" the team can count on in the trenches. Stellar grab in the 4th Rd of the draft.

Brandon Birkhead

Tavon Austin. We finally added a dynamic play maker to the offense. He is a weapon. He is going to help this offense tremendously.

Joesph Stanfill

My favorite pick is Zac Stacy, huge production in the SEC with a pretty poor OL, I love his size and makeup and Rams will finally get some running touchdown.

D Hawkins/THE HAWK!!!!

My favorite pick is easy, it's Tavon Austin. To me, the selection of Tavon Austin represents the Rams front offices ability to adapt to the modern NFL - something a lot of coaches/GM's refuse to do.


Tavon Austin. Even though I was initially upset, he's a huge weapon to have on offense & we definitely need that.

So which player was your favorite addition in the draft this year? Or do you just love them all?

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