Random Ramsdom 4/29: 2013 Draft Recap


The draft may be over, but the fun has just begun. Check out how those around the league feel about the Ram's rookie class.

I, for one, cannot recall a draft in recent history after which I did not wake up Sunday morning confused and/or disappointed. That all changed this past weekend when Jeff Fisher and Les Snead completed their second draft in St. Louis.

To put it simply, they nailed it, and us fans are not the only ones who think so.

Regardless of where you look, someone has something good to say about the St. Louis Rams. That's a refreshing change from seldom even being relevant. Keep reading for honor roll-quality grades and countless positive reviews.

Winners, losers and in between: NFL - In attempt to find at least one negative criticism of the Rams' 2013 draft, I made a startling discovery - there are none. Everyone with a valid, knowledgeable opinion loves what the team did, but St. Louis wasn't the only organization to greatly improve this past weekend.

Best and worst draft results: Yahoo! - Moar positive reactions! Rather than drooling over St. Louis' entire draft class; however, Jason Cole singles out quarterback Sam Bradford as one of his biggest winners. Unfortunately, division rival the San Francisco 49ers did nothing to lose ground in the NFC West.

Report cards: Fox Sports - Have a look at the post-draft reactions for all 32 franchises. There isn't a whole lot of negativity to go around, but boy, did Jerry Jones drop the ball on this one.

Kiper grades the NFC West - It's official, everybody - the NFC West is a powerhouse. Arizona, San Francisco and even Seattle - including the addition of receiver Percy Harvin - all made noticeable improvements. Heading into Thursday with only 52 players on the roster, and adding only seven more to the equation, did the Rams do enough to narrow the gap?

Sando's NFC West analysis - ESPN's Mike Sando has to enjoy his job more and more every day. Covering the NFL's potential unequivocal top division, how could he not? Each team added at least one intriguing prospect at running back and every stout defense has managed to improve. A match-up to watch going forward: Tavon Austin and Tyrann Mathieu.

Ten steals of the draft - A long time veteran of NFL front offices, Charley Casserly knows a thing or two about player evaluations. He names ten players who should have been drafted much earlier than they had been, including FOUR from the NFC West. Notice a trend?

Making immediate impacts - Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com names seven rookies who are poised to make a big impact in 2013. Two of his mentions happen to now wear blue and gold. Is there an early candidate for Rookie of the Year on the Rams roster? Or are there even more?

Join Pettis for 2013 Heart Walk - Third-year player and aging veteran of the Rams' receiving corp, Austin Pettis makes an impact both on and off the football field. He will be an honorary captain of the Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Heart & Vascular Center’s Heart Walk Team on May 4. Fans are asked and encouraged to join Pettis next week and may register here.

More draft grades. Good ones.

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