Really like the draft, but why not Anquan Boldin?

I like what the Rams did in the draft, especially at wide receiver. I'm a huge Tavon Austin fan. I think he could be the most talented wide receiver of his kind in NFL history. Of course I don't know NFL history at all outside of my lifetime, but whatever. Percy Harvin was an MVP candidate last season before he got injured, and Austin might just be 10% more explosive. 10% smaller, 10% more explosive. But the size doesn't matter so much with these guys, where the explosiveness does. Highlights of Austin came on my TV when my uncle walked into the room. He's a soccer fan that doesn't know much about football, and immediately he said "it's like Lionel Messi."

Exactly. I wonder if he can't be that type of generational, unique talent. Obviously size is more important at the receiver position in the NFL than it is at AMC/FC in soccer, but still, I'm a huge Austin fan.

And after the Austin pick was made, the consensus among Rams fans was that the WR core was shaping up great, the only minor weakness being that it was too small, and that the Rams could use one more quality possession receiver with size.

Then the Rams spent a 3rd round pick on Stedman Bailey, a highly productive possession WR in college who is only 5'10", but plays bigger than his size. Rams fans loved the pick, and so do I.

My only question is, if the Rams needed a big target, productive possession wide receiver to complete the WR corps, why spend a 3rd round pick on one who is only 5'10" and completely unproven in the NFL when you could keep that 3rd round pound, draft one of the falling studs at any position of need who were still available in round 3, and get a true big-target possession wide receiver, already proven in the NFL at a Superbowl-MVP type level, for only a 6th round pick?

OR get Boldin for that 6th round pick and still take Bailey! Because as I said, I love the pick. It's just that the main reason I love it is because the Rams desperately needed a good possession wide receiver because they didn't trade for Boldin when they could have, and Bailey was the next best option, as good as you could hope for after that missed opportunity, and great value for the 3rd round.

I just don't understand, if all Rams fans agree that they needed that type of WR, and the Rams' brass clearly agreed given that they ultimately drafted Bailey, why not go for the guy who only costs a 6th round pick, not a 3rd, who is actually big and plays even bigger instead of just playing big like Bailey, who is a guaranteed Superbowl-MVP-level home run in that role at the NFL level where Bailey is unproven, and whose acquisition would, in the process, keep him from going to your biggest rival in the division, the 49ers, instead?

To be clear, I love the Tavon Austin Pick. I really like the Stedman Bailey pick. I just think, if it's Bailey for a 3rd or Boldin for a 6th, the Boldin option is better value for this season (and you could always still draft Bailey to take care of the long-term), plus as good a fit as Bailey will be, Boldin's style fits the Rams need significantly better.

Curious to hear everyone's opinion. I know most fans always try to convince themselves that whatever route their front office took was the right one, especially when that front office has build up significant good will as this one has, and I understand that, and I feel the same about the front office. But I'm just curious to hear everyone's opinion on this if we could all really approach the discussion as if we weren't Rams fans at all, but completely neutral, objective observers. Why didn't they go for Boldin for a 6th (or 5th) round pick? For all I know the answer is as simple as cap room, because I don't know a lot of those details like most fans do, but I'm open to hearing all explanations!

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