Reviewing the NFL Draft Fantasy Football Style

Frederick Breedon

We are reviewing all skill players that may have a role in the upcoming fantasy football season

We already reviewed the 1st round and now below we will continue to evaluate the skill players drafted the past 2 days and their possible fantasy impact next year as well as in future years for dynasty leagues. I will cover all 2nd round picks and then only comment on those picked in the next 5 rounds that could make an impact.

  • Justin Hunter - Titans - A receiver with top talent but an amazing ability to drop passes, he will have a limited impact and is only worthy of being drafted at the end of drafts in deep leagues. As for dynasty leagues I do have him in my top 5 for this draft.
  • Zach Ertz - Eagles - He was my favorite TE in the draft and Kelley is very familiar with him, he should be drafted in 2 tight end leagues and should have a major impact around the goal line. I can see him finishing next year as a top 15 tight end.
  • Giovanni Bernard - Bengals- A top 5 rookie back who should be a nice change of pace player but Ellis rarely gets hurt and will have all red zone touches. He should only be drafted in dynasty leagues as a handcuff. He will have minimal fantasy impact.
  • Geno Smith - Jets - He will start some games this year, but with the lack of weapons and his penchant to throw a ton of short passes, it equals very limited production. He is not draft-able is one year leagues and end of the draft in a dynasty if 25 Qb's are off the board.
  • Robert Woods - Bills - He was at the top of my receiver list for this year's rookies and landed in a spot where he should step right in the starting lineup and have quality veteran protection. I can see him giving Wr5 production and is a great flyer at the end of drafts this year.
  • Gavin Escobar - Cowboys - A quality receiver who will not get enough touches in the Cowboys offense, and is not draftable in any league.
  • Le'veon Bell - Steelers - He is now the top rookie fantasy player who will be drafted in top 5 rounds in one year drafts. He is a proto-typical big back who will handle all goal line carries for a high scoring offense. I would expect Rb2 productivity.
  • Vance McDonald - 49ers - He has great measureables and tested well but will not be relevant for a long time in the fantasy football world.
  • Montee Ball - Broncos - Another big back with the nose for the end zone fell into a great spot and is the #2 rookie in my fantasy football listings. He has a ton of mileage but for the next 2-3 years should be a quality rb3.
  • Aaron Dobson - Patriots - He comes from a limited passing offense but looks great in shells. The Patriots have not had great success in drafting wide receivers as their system is very hard to pick up,so I would not look at him in any league.
  • Eddie Lacy - Packers - He should get a bulk of the limited goal line carries the Packers give to their running backs but he will be sharing the job with Franklin who may be a better back and has a better ability to stay healthy. I can see him being way over drafted due to his name but only returning RB5 value. I would not take him before 10th round.
  • Christine Michael - Seahawks - He is maybe the most talented back in the draft but had a ton of off the field issues and falls to a team that already has 2 quality Running backs, I would take him near the end of dynasty leagues only.
  • Travis Kelce - Chiefs - Andy Reid loves throwing short passes to the TE and with his blocking ability, should be on the field a ton and is a great chance to take at the end of a draft for a TE2.
  • Terrance Williams - Cowboys - He can be a sneaky guy, played and produced in big games in a BCS conference and with Miles Austin injury issues, I can see him putting up WR5 numbers and a great draft and hold for dynasty leagues.
  • Keenan Allen - Chargers - His issue was health and if he gets back to 100% he is another that I love the spot he landed at and in that offense with that QB he may turn out to be the best rookie receiver numbers in this year's class. He should be drafted in every league if he proves to be at 100%.
  • Markus Wheaton - Steelers - He was in my top 5 before the draft and fell into a spot where he should step right in as their 3rd receiver. His value should be down the line and in a dynasty league should be drafted near the end.
  • Stedman Bailey - Rams - Another West Virginia receiver for the Rams and just as productive if not more. But from a fantasy perspective, I do not think he will get enough touches to be on a roster but in real life he is a great addition to be part of a deep and young receiver core.
  • Knile Davis - Chiefs - He has very limited production but has great speed and Charles could break down as Reid will use him until he breaks so as a handcuff this may be a good late round flier if you have Charles.
  • Matt Barkley - Eagles - I do not see the fit in the Chip Kelly offense but with a few tweaks and with Vick always missing games, he is a smart kid who will pick it up quick and with their weapons, I would target him in dynasty league.
  • Tyler Wilson - Raiders - He fell into the perfect spot for his career and I can see him getting a few starts this upcoming year but not being fantasy relevant until 2015.
  • Johnathan Franklin - Packers - Do not be fooled by his size, he is an every down back who is a great pass protector as well. His main negative is his pass catching ability but I would not be surprised to see a 50-50 job share with Eddie Lacy and if there was an injury he will take this job and run. I would draft him at the end of any type of draft.
  • Marcus Lattimore - 49ers - He will probably not play a down this year but in a dynasty league especially if you have Frank Gore, grab him for 2014 and reap the rewards next year.
  • Denard Robinson - Jaguars - We will have to see how he will be used but in a deep league with all the possibilities he brings I would use a last roster spot on him and see what happens. Other than MJD, he is now the most versatile player in Jacksonville.
  • Stepfan Taylor - Cardinals - This was a guy without blazing speed but was a workhorse in college and excelled against top competition, I would draft him anywhere between 13th-16th rounds but does have a lot of young competition, this is gamble I would take.
  • Joseph Randle - Cowboys - This is another guy who fell into a perfect spot. Felix Jones is no longer on the team and Murray will miss his usual 4-6 games. Another RB from a BCS conference with good production in college. He needs to be drafted within the last 4 rounds of any draft.
  • Zac Stacy - Rams - He is a MJD clone who had great production in the SEC on an average team. I can see him grabbing the RB1 job and getting most of the goal line carries. He should be drafted within the 12-14th rounds in any draft.
  • Mike Gillislee - Dolphins - As another productive running back from a BCS conference and eith only the untested Lamar Miller in front of him, he should be able to at least carve out a role in the red zone and is worth drafting in the last few rounds of any draft.
  • Latavius Murray - Raiders - This is a guy who looks like the perfect running back but has limited production and was never really able to dominate at the mid level last year at Central Florida. But he does have a good opportunity as Darrin McFadden in another running back that will miss games every year. He may be a must handcuff if you are a McFadden owner.
  • Andre Ellington - Cardinals - I guess they figure if they throw a tons of guys at their open spot one will merge so why not a talented productive back in the 6th round. We will have to monitor the preseason but he as good as chance as anyone on the Cardinal roster to become their RB1 and a productive fantasy back. He should e drafted at the end of all drafts.
  • Theo Riddick - Lions - He was a workhorse and short yardage back that ran out the clock in numerous Notre Dame games. I would bet he gets at least 1/3rd the carries in Detroit if Leshoure gets injured again.

Here are my top 25 rookies for 2013 fantasy purposes;

1. Le'Veon Bell

2. Montee Ball

3. Eddie Lacy

4. DeAndre Hopkins

5. Tavon Austin

6. Zac Stacy

7. Stepfan Taylor

8. Johnathan Franklin

9. Mike Gillislee

10. Robert Woods

11. Joseph Randle

12. Keenan Allen

13. Corarelle Patterson

14. Justin Hunter

15. Terrance Williams

16. Andre Ellington

17. Zach Ertz

18. Giovanni Bernard

19. Tyler Eifert

20. Denard Robinson

21. Travis Kelce

22. Stedman Bailey

23. Theo Riddick

24. Latavious Murray

25. Markus Wheaton

Thanks for reading and please ask any and all questions!

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