Newest Rams Talk About Coming to St. Louis

Chris Graythen

Barrett Jones and Brando McGee spoke with the media, sharing some of their thoughts on becoming St. Louis Rams. The Barrett Jones pick in the 4th round caused thousands of Rams fans to breath a sigh of relief. Les Snead and Jeff Fisher have done a masterful job thus far in the draft, but the offensive line question hung in the air until Barrett was taken. Multi-talented as an offensive lineman, he can play at any point across the line, with the possible exception of left tackle.

Jones is a high pedigree guy, who's used to winning...

"Winning is important to me, no doubt. But I think from talking to Coach Fisher and talking to a lot of the coaches, I think winning is something that’s very important to this franchise, and I think they are definitely headed in the right direction. I’m excited to help them get there. When I first came to Alabama we were 7-6 the year before I got there. Not that I somehow turned it around, but me and a lot of other guys helped to turn it around, and turn it in to what it is now. We’re hoping to do the same thing at the St. Louis Rams..."

What many don't know about Barrett is he graduated in only three years, and now has a Master's degree in accounting. An award winning athlete, he was asked if his family had a "shrine" built to accommodate his many trophies:

"No, I don’t. I’m not that arrogant... We have a closet. I do have, to be honest, a lot of trophies. But, I don’t really celebrate trophies because that’s not why I play football, to get trophies. I play because I love the game and I play to win. I’ve been fortunate to win a lot and I feel like I’m a winner. That’s the kind of attitude I’m going to bring to St. Louis..."

Personally, I'm more than impressed with what Barrett brings to the Rams, and he was a flat out steal in the 4th round of the NFL Draft. He doesn't anticipate any problems with an injury that limited him at the NFL Combine, though let's not be too shocked if Fisher eases him into training camp. Jones met offensive line coach Paul Boudreau at Alabama:

"...I actually met (Offensive Line) Coach (Paul T.) Boudreau at Alabama. He came up there and visited some players at one of our pro days. Met him and talked to him, and went through a lot of things with him. I really liked him. I know St. Louis is a great sports town, so I’m excited to be there...

Brandon McGee has knowledgeable draft-niks smiling, and a few fans shrugging. But when you looka bit deeper, you can see Jeff Fisher and Co. have a plan in mind for McGee's skill set. This is one fast young man. He was asked if his 40 time was the best among the corner backs at the Combine:

"...It was, but I was actually kind of disappointed with the time. I definitely wanted to run faster simply because I had been timed at 4.2’s all throughout college and all throughout training for the combine. I just didn’t have my best performance on that day. I’ll take a 4.3 but I was definitely shooting for a 4.2."

He talked about dealing with his father and mother's battles with cancer as a young man:

"...It was definitely challenging, seeing your father go through cancer, especially battling cancer at such a young age. I believe I was in fourth grade when he was battling cancer and I was seeing my mother battling cancer at the age of 13. Her losing her fight to breast cancer, it definitely forced me to grow up at an earlier age and take a lot of responsibility on myself. All of those were tragic situations. I just turned them into positive situations and I grew as a man. I grew fast. I had to learn to be accountable, just be more responsible early."

The Rams have two high caliber guys here. Love their attitudes, and what they bring to the Rams' organization as a whole. Now all we have to do is last until training camp opens to see how these newest Rams will help the team take that next step in the toughest division in the NFL - the NFC West.

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