Day 2 Thoughts

We've made it through two days of the 2013 NFL draft, and the picture is starting to become more clear.

Our first pick of the night was T. J. McDonald

McDonald is a hard-hitting safety with great size and better than expected athleticism. He definitely looks like a guy that Jeff Fisher wants on his defense. While he may not have elite coverage ability, he should do a good job of beating up running backs and QBs who try to run, and hopefully not whiff so much ala Craig Dahl.

The other pick of the night was Stedman Bailey

This pick really surprised me... That's not to say that I don't like it (because I really do), but it was a bit of a shocker. Bailey is going to help the Rams in a few different ways:

1. Makes Austin's transition easier - It's always good to have a friend coming in to training camp... These guys know each other, and are probably really close friends. Putting them both in the locker room should help our overall group cohesiveness.

2. Makes Sam Bradford's job easier - Bailey is another guy who will have no problem creating separation... He runs good routes, and has very solid hands.

3. He's the perfect receiver for depth - I doubt that Bailey will start, but he's literally the perfect guy to sub in for both Givens and Austin. He can play both of their roles, and our offense likely won't miss a beat when he comes in.

Overall, round 3 showed what the Rams are drafting for: To run a no-huddle offense, and to beat the dang Seahawks.

Last year, we drafted to compete in the NFC West, and succeeded in doing so... This year, it seems we're more specifically drafting to counter the personnel that the Seahawks have... not a bad idea, considering they were the only NFC West team to beat us last year. Let's look at why I say this:

1. The Seahawks have big, physical corners. They can out-muscle just about any receiving corps in the league. However, their corners aren't necessarily the fastest group. So we're bringing in a bunch of small, quick guys who will give them FITS. We now have 3 receivers who can make people miss with the ball in their hands. "Explosive" might be the correct word to describe our new offensive look.

2. Russell Wilson isn't very tall. We brought in two guys on defense with great size... Ogletree's arms look like he should be playing basketball rather than football, and I bet that he gets his hands on a few passes when the Rams and Seahawks meet up. McDonald is also a physically intimidating prospect, who could also effect Wilson's vision and throwing lanes.

3. The Rams are moving to a no-huddle spread attack. This involves a lot of quick passes and YAC. We currently have three receivers adept at getting YAC... They can be used almost interchangeably, and likely will. We can run guys in and out of plays and tire defenses completely out... Look for lots of fake injuries from our opponents this year.

Anyways, that's day two... Hopefully we'll learn a lot more in day three.

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