TST Roundtable: Who will the Rams draft on the second day

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

The Turfshowtimes crew pick who they think the Rams will draft in the 3rd round.

It's Friday, in other words it's day 2 of the NFL Draft. Yesterday as you know, the Rams drafted Alec Ogletree and Tavon Austin. But these moves didn't come without price. The Rams gained a couple of picks moving back to the 30th spot in the draft, from their 22nd selection. But they lost a 2nd rounder when they jumped up to 8 to steal Tavon Austin from the Jets.

This means no 2nd round pick for the Rams. Les Snead has made it clear that he will take it case by case, but the Rams will most likely stay put with the 71st selection.

So with the unpredictability remaining in the third round, I asked the Turfshowtimes crew who do they think the Rams will draft on day two. Or basically the third round.

Without spoiling too much, the majority of the crew wanted a safety.

Brandon Bate

I've got your 3rd round right here...and it call comes courtesy of the University of South Carolina. At 71, the Rams take DJ Swearinger.

Mike D

Bacarri Rambo- We got the athletic linebacker to contain the running QBs, now we need the centerfield safety. Rambo is exactly that.

Josh W

I'm gonna go with DJ Swearinger. We need that physical safety, and Swearinger doesn't shy away from contact.

Joesph S/Papa

We trade up and snag Eddie Lacy. With what we got for value in the 1st round we can afford it. Besides, I would love to see 3K's exasperation face! If running back isn't your style, we could go for John Cyprien FS Florida International, or wait a bit and pick up Zeke Motta SS Notre Dame. Both would provide much needed help in a defensive backfield with some holes.

Brandon Birkhead

Marcus Lattimore, because dreams do come true. Disney told me so.

Eric Nagel

DJ Swearinger

Hits like a hammer, good football IQ, aggressive, I believe he'd be a perfect fit for strong safety within the Rams defense.

Tyler Bishop

Phillip Thomas, Safety

The free safety in the Rams defense is a center-fielder that is described as a shepherd over the flock. Thomas is the best ball hawk safety in this class, and will be an immediate upgrade over Craig Dahl. I believe he is very high on the Rams board - due to the fact that he fits their FS role so well. Interceptions anyone?

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