Tevin's Draft Crushes

Stephen Dunn

The draft is only a few hours away, so it's a perfect time to get familar with players that could make an impact with the Rams

The NFL Draft is only a few hours away. The St. Louis Rams, just like every team in the draft, will try and use this big event to build a dynasty.

During this draft process I've made a few scouting reports. Unfortunately, between hiding Brandon Bate's Tavon Austin posters and college my time has run thin. Since I couldn't write or mention every prospect that's interesting to me, I decided to make this post.

Obviously, this is my opinion, and I tried to choose players that the Rams could use. There aren't many mentions of players that the media has touted. That's because I really think these players can make an impact on this team, and many of them will be available during the second round or later.

Jonathan Cyprien

My favorite safety in the draft. His play during the Senior Bowl helped backup what I saw on tape. If he played in the Big 10, or the SEC, Cyprien would most likely end up the first safety drafted. He has the range of a free safety, but isn't afraid to tackle. He will be a good pro from day one.

Mute the song, right when it starts. I think that's a good warning.

Robert Woods

One of my favorite receivers in the draft. Wood's is a great route runner who can make incredible catches. He will also drop easy ones. There are two big red flags on Woods, he has a nagging ankle injury, and he became an after thought to fellow receiver Marqise Lee. He will most likely be a good slot receiver that can return kicks. He will have some ability to play on the outside. I really think he is a plug and play receiver who will have a big role in an offense day one.

Arthur Brown

He's an undersized outside linebacker, but he plays bigger than his measurements would indicate. He has great sideline-to-sideline speed. He's a solid tackler, and he's good in coverage. If Brown was a little bigger he would definitely be a first round pick, but if he falls to 22 or if he falls in the second round, the Rams won't be disappointed. In my opinion, he's the best 4-3 outside linebacker. Don't let the size fool you.

Montee Ball

Why did he go back to school? If Ball had declared for the draft last year, he would have been a 2nd round selection. This year, he proved that he could repeat his success. However, he =has so much mileage on his body now. If the Rams can get Ball in the 4th round, he would be a perfect compliment to Isaiah Pead and Daryl Richardson. Ball will be a good foundation back in the league. I think he will end up like Marion Barber after a few years though.

Explicit language in the video

Conner Vernon

The next Danny Amendola or Wes Welker, and that is not because of his skin color. It's because he should end up a good slot receiver like those two. In college he made impressive catches, ran sharp routes, and was able to take the top off the defense at times. He will be drafted later because he most likely won't return kicks in the NFL. The league is coming around to slot receivers, and he doesn't stand out in many ways. He lacks the size and speed to be an early-round pick. If the Rams don't add a receiver early, Vernon would be a good pickup for the team.

Bacarri Rambo

Rambo will most likely be drafted in round three or four, but he should end up a starter in the league. When you watch him play, you notice that he is a ball magnet. He also likes to try and strip the ball from opponents. His biggest ding is against the run. You don't want Rambo and Adrian Peterson one on one with 4th and 1, because Rambo will be on the ground and Peterson will be skipping towards the goal line. However, he should be a ballhawking turnover machine at free safety.

Larry Warford

He's big and more athletic than you would think. Warford might have been at the bottom of the SEC for years playing with Kentucky, but he will be able to play with the best of them when Sundays come around this fall. He's massive. He's also a better pass blocker than you think, and he's a solid run blocker at the point of the attack. If Warford gets in shape and has a great offensive line coach, he has the potential to be an All-Pro.

So that's my list. Did I miss anyone? What players have you fallen for and want the Rams to draft? Leave a comment.

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