MY one and Only Draft: Ive criticized yours only fair you open fire on mine. For contest entry.

Dear TST community. We're friends now no? So let me be honest with you some of the mocks I see I really disagree with, and maybe I told you. But for the most part when I look at mock drafts I tend to fall in love with some players. So here is my mock draft with a SHORT description of each.

1st Round A:

Tavon Austin WR, West Virginia.

At first I hated this pick, then I saw his highlight videos........... Now I love the guy.

TRADE!! San Fran trades 31 and 34 for the 22nd pick

1st Round B:

Matt Elam S, Florida. Vacarro does not fit the Fisher type of player, but Elam does. Hard Hitting and forceful Elam could be our SS.

2nd round A.

Kyle Long OL, Oregon. This guy is athletic, big, versatile, and family. He ran at LT with Chip Kelly's hyper active offense and can play guard as well. If/ when Saffold leaves next year Long can be placed at RT as the heir apparent.

2nd Round B.

Phillip Thomas S, Fresno State.

Thomas is the ball hawk to go along with Elam's thunder.

3rd round

Travis Kecle TE, Cincinnati.

This guy can catch, run, and block. Enough said he is the complete package and can provide excellent depth if not push Kendricks for the starting job.

4rd round.

Ready for this? Marcus Lattimore RB, South Carolina.

He can heal for a year while the Rams do running back by committee. Then we will gain be spoiled by an amazing running back.

5th round.

Tyrann Mathieu CB, LSU.

The Rams were among the bottom of the league in forced fumbles last year. Tyran seems to have an incredible knock for knocking them out. He can play slot corner and learn for the fighting Irish corner who is Cortland Finnegan.

6th round.

David Bass DE, Missouri Western.

You can never have too many DE's and David is a pretty good prospect.

7th Round.

T.J. Moe WR, Missouri.

If you think that Fisher is not drafting 2 receivers than you are fooling youself. Besides T.J is a hard worker, a fan favorite, and strongest receiver in terms of bench press at the combine.

Well this is my draft. The last few years I have had a favorite player in each draft. first it was Connor Barwin, then Julio Jones, then Justin Blackmon. This year my favorite player is Kyle Long. My success rate of these players ending up on the Rams is pretty low. 0% actually. So we shall see how this turns out. Now on to the draft.

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