TST Roundtable: who will the Rams draft at 22

Mike Ehrmann

It's time to see who the members of the Turfshowtimes crew think the Rams will draft at 22.

The NFL Draft is today. Finally all the speculation and mock drafts will almost be over. This year the draft is really unpredictable. It doesn't look really sexy, but in my opinion this draft will produce many starters. Like usual, teams will draft players that fit there system, and that will be all that matters.

So of course, many mock drafts will be wrong. But that won't keep us at Turfshowtimes from trying, so I asked the crew, who do they think the Rams will draft at 22?

You should recognize the names of these players if we have been doing our jobs right. So let's have at it.

Joe M.

FIU S Jonathan Cyprien - backup options: anyone involved at 16, Texas S Kenny Vaccaro, LSU S Eric Reid, USC WR Robert Woods, Tennessee WR Justin Hunter, Kansas St. OLB Arthur Brown, Clemson WR DeAndre Hopkins, who the f knows...

Yeah, this draft's a mess. I have no clue, you have no clue, the Rams have some clue that hopefully doesn't include Alabama RB Eddie Lacy...Welcome to the show. I think Cyprien might fit this team better than any safety, but that doesn't mean much with the depth at the position. So don't put any money behind this pick.

Douglas M.

A playmaker here, so I'd take DeAndre Hopkins. Big play capable, with excellent skill set at the next level

D. Hawkins

Jonathan Cyprien - In a division that features two read-option offenses, an athletic rangy safety who can cover tons of ground is needed. Cyprien would step in day 1 and be the instinctive, multifaceted safety the Rams have thirsted for.

Mike D.

Alec Ogletree

The Rams have a need at linebacker. Ogletree is the one to fill that hole. He's athletic, fast & good in coverage, exactly what we lack. His lack of physicality can be instilled in him by our hard-nosed players & coaches.

Tevin Broner

Chance "Big Daddy" Warmack- I'm a fan of Warmack and he will be a great guard. He isn't versatile, but he will most likely be the BPA, if he's available, and since he's a guard, there's a good chance that he will fall in the draft. I would like the Rams to draft Arthur Brown here instead, but would they draft an OLB int he 1st round? Probably not.

Tyler Bishop

Trade #22 for an early 2nd round pick: Phillip Thomas

The Rams trade back, and secure an early 2nd round pick. They take the top safety on their board. By this time Vaccaro, Elam, and Cyprien are all gone.

Eric Nagel

DeAndre Hopkins- It' obvious that the Rams are interested in Hopkins and he'd last until this point in the draft. Adding him will give the Rams offense another weapon they desperately need.

Brandon Birkhead

Deandre Hopkins- The Rams lost their 3 most dependable players on offense. Steven Jackson, Brandon Gibson, and Danny Amendola all found new homes this offseason. Jared Cook was the only player brought in to help replace their production. Hopkins can step in and play the Brandon Gibson role on the offense, and be an upgrade over Gibson. He has great hands, and despite not having elite physical tools, Hopkins just knows how to get open. He is a great fit for the Rams offense, and would help the Rams not only replace the production of Gibson, Jackson and Amendola, but to improve upon it.


Eddie Lacy- RB- Alabama, Many scoff at the idea of Lacy here. The very fact that he competed very well in the SEC, against defensive lines who are the closest to NFL defensive talent should give him consideration. Injuries could cause Lacy to drop. I do think, that the Rams could trade down at this point and still pick up Lacy. We'll see on draft day, with trades sure to be lighting up the 1st round.
So now that you have seen our picks, what say you? Who should the Rams draft at 22.
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