TST Roundtable: who will the Rams draft at 16

Mike Ehrmann

It's time for the draft, let's take a gander at who the Turfshowtimes staff members like at pick 16.

Today is the day. The NFL Draft is finally upon us. All of the speculation is almost over. For once there is a draft where no one can predict what the hell is going to happen, and that makes it that more exciting. You even have ESPN and NFL Network calling a truce on tipping picks.

All of this will make the first round more exciting than it usually is. Now it's time for the Rams to finally use their two first round picks. Who will they draft? It's impossible to tell, but the staff at turfshowtimes will try and predict who the Rams will draft. One of us has to be right, right?

I asked the crew, who do they think the Rams will draft at 16? There were a few different players picked, and I won't spoil them, but a couple of the picks might make you scratch your head. Brandon Bate didn't send an email, but since he has a blow up doll of Tavon Austin in his car, it's safe to figure out who he would have picked. Also excuse Doug and Tyler for cheating.

Tevin B.

Jonathan Cyprien- He's the best safety in the draft, is 16 high for him? Maybe, but there's a good chance that he won't be available at pick 22.. He is the type of player that can help the Rams defense rise up to elite status.


Keenan Allen- WR Cal, With Tavon Austin off the board, the Rams go for a WR who will provide a very versatile weapon for Sam Bradford, who can line up anywhere. Reminds me of a faster Brandon Lloyd.

Brandon Birkhead

Jonathan Cyprien. The Rams have lost both of their starting safeties from last season, leaving a huge hole on the defense. Cyprien is a great fit for the style of defense Jeff Fisher employs. He has elite range and good size. A great hitter. He has the potential to be one of the top safeties in the NFL, but it's a small risk since he is coming from a small school. His tape shows he is a great player despite the level of competition he faced. Many think he is not worth this high of a pick, but I fear the Rams would not be able to draft Cyprien if they let him fall past 16 with teams also needing safeties below them.

Eric Nagel

16 Chance Warmack- Some people have Warmack going in the top five picks. I don't buy it. I think there is a chance he'll be available here, and if he is, the Rams plans for drafting a receiver should go straight out the window. Warmack is as sure of a bet as you can get. You just don't pass on that.

Tyler Bishop
Trade #16 for an early 1st round pick: Tavon Austin

The Rams badly need playmaker's and Austin probably won't be available at16 - if for no other reason because someone will move in front of the Rams to nab him - so I predict the Rams will trade up to get him. The price will likely only be a 4th or 5th, and the Rams could possibly get that back by trading #22.

Mike D.
Chance Warmack- The guy is a (bleeping) stud at guard. Nuff said. He'd solidify the inside of the pocket and give Sam B. a good line, for the first time in his career.

D. Hawkins

Cordarrelle Patterson - Before you all call me a blasphemer, hear me out. The Rams need playmakers. Averaging 1.5 TD's a game just doesn't cut it. Patterson's raw route running concerns are overblown, IMO. The Rams take Patterson and figure out ways to get the ball in his hands.

Douglas M.

I'd go BPA here. So if a guy like Warmack, Cooper, Floyd, Richardson or Austin are here, that's where I'd go

Joe M.

WVU WR Tavon Austin - backup options: UNC G Jonathan Cooper, Alabama G Chance Warmack, Alabama RT D.J. Fluker

Not sure who's left at 16, as this is the most jumbled I've seen a draft going into the first. You literally can't tell, so I'm throwing some backup options in there. I think the O-line run is going to be the strongest ahead of the Rams at 22, so at 16, if they like someone who's left, I say go for it. Austin's stock has risen that he's likely not here, but if so, I wouldn't hesitate.

Ryan VB

I know it's a deep draft for safeties, but why settle? If Kenny Vaccaro is there at No. 16, that's who I'd pick. Think about it. He's an all-around safety, who is better in coverage. The Rams haven't had a safety like that in six years or more. Vaccaro has the potential to play his way into the upper tier of safeties in the league, another core building block for what could be the league's best defense very soon.

So now that you have our picks, what are yours?
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