My Final Thoughts on the Draft

This has been a very interesting draft and mock season. I would like to say to everyone that has participated in the mocks and everything, whether I agreed with your opinion or not, good job. We are within hours of the draft and my giddiness is at an all time high. Thank the heavens that I actually sleep between now and then because without it I don't think I could make it. So, what I am going to do now is offer some of my thoughts regarding the draft and particularly, what I expect to happen tomorrow. No, this will not be mock draft post because my ideals haven't changed much.



First and foremost, I'd like to say that I am not expecting the Rams to stand pat at both picks seeing as there should be a lot of wheeling and dealing tomorrow for picks. Certain players that shouldn't fall far do and teams cream their pants thinking about what exactly that player will do for their team. There are a couple of teams that I, at least, see potential in to either move up or down. The Rams could be in perfect position with their 16th pick to get a lot of calls about either trading up or down, those teams that I do expect to be looking to move up or down include:

New York Jets: Move Down

The Jets just traded away, arguably, one of their best players in franchise history for literally nothing if you think about it. This team is officially in the rebuilding phase and no one player is going to help them get to the playoffs this season. I think the Jets will look to move down to stockpile picks in order to build for the future. If the Rams are serious about the possibility to move up for any particular players, that team would probably be the Jets. Also consider that the Jets now have 2 first round picks and I don't expect them to keep both. I think more than likely, if we do trade up, we'll want their first, first round draft pick in order to insure we get our guy, whether that be Hopkins or Austin (yes, I believe one of them will be a Ram by the end of tomorrow). Aside from the Jets, there are only two other teams (before our first pick in the first) that I've seen Austin picked by in most mocks and that team would be the Bills and Titans.

Minnesota Vikings: Move Up

The Vikings just lost their only other big play playmaker besides Adrian Peterson in Percy Harvin. This has caused some, including myself, to believe that they will take a hard look at Austin. The problem is, even if they do want him, is they'll most likely have to trade up in order to pick him. Them trading picks with the Rams would be ideal if Austin makes it past the Bills and the Jets because the Rams look to be the other main team that are really salivating over the prospect of having him. If the Vikings really do want to show Ponder and Adrian Peterson they are committed to surrounding them with talent, trading up might be the only option. You could say they could just stay pat and get a receiver, but in my opinion there's only 3 bonafide play makers that belong in the first round and they are:

Column1 Column2 Column3
Tavon Austin Wide Receiver West Virginia
DeAndre Hopkins Wide Receiver Clemson
Cordarelle Patterson Wide Receiver Tenessee

All of these players are projected to be gone by the time the Vikings get a chance to pick them, whether they are reached for in your opinion or not.

Buffalo Bills: Trade Down

If a teams wants to get ahead of everybody when it comes to wide receivers, this would also be a great trade up spot. Ahead of this draft spot, we will most likely see a flurry of Offensive Linemen and Defensive players selected. Some teams might look at wide receiver earlier then this point, but I highly doubt anyone pulls that trigger. Once again, if the Rams are looking to trade up and suspend the heart wrenching agony of losing out on a top prospect that they want, the Bills will most likely be the safest spot to try. I highly doubt the Rams like any player in the draft enough to jump this far up in the draft, but you never know.

As for my thoughts on trading up or down, it's actually simple for me. If the Rams see the value in a player enough that they want to trade up, I can't fault them for it no matter if that player is on offense or defense. They had a fairly good draft last year by most people's expectations, including mine, so until they prove me wrong with their draft knowledge, I can't go against it. I also say, don't count out any scenario in your head because remember, we do have the GM that orchestrated the Falcons trade up to getJulio Jones a few years back and I would say the Falcons wouldn't change a thing with Jones emerging into a star at the NFL level.

There are a couple of things I'm specifically looking to see unfold:

1. The Rams will draft more than one wide receiver (with one being in the first):

I don't see anyway around the fact that this corps needs help. We got Cook and that's fine, but I don't think Fisher will devote his entire trust to Sam and this offense without getting them some help. As for the second receiver, I think it'll most likely be in the 3rd or 4th round. Watch out for players like:

Column1 Column2 Column3
Markus Wheaton Wide Receiver Oregon State
Stedman Bailey Wide Receiver West Virginia
Quinton Patton Wide Receiver Louisiana Tech
Kenny Stills Wide Receiver Oklahoma
Da'Rick Rodgers Wide Receiver Tennessee Tech

The first two players are slot receivers and this is in the scenario that the Rams don't select Austin. These players aren't as good, but they could get the job done. I think Kenny Stills could work in the slot or on the outside although I wouldn't expect him to come in right away and produce right now. He would make a decent to good number two with some good coaching.

2. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Rams select Eddie Lacy in the second

3. They could go after an Outside Linebacker in the second. Players like Arthur Brown and Khaseem Greene out of Rutgers could be steals.

4. I wouldn't be surprised if we go offense heavy in the first round.

5. How many Quarterbacks go in the first?

Well there you have it, hope we all enjoy the draft that is upon us. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed..

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